The Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting an Engagement Party in Milford

engagement party milford, MAAre you getting married? Want to share your joy with family and friends? Many couples are uncertain when it comes to hosting an engagement party. Can they throw the celebration themselves? Does it need to be hosted by parents, friends, or another family member? Should they ask for gifts or make sure to state “no gifts” on the invitation? Learning the etiquette surrounding engagement parties and other events related to your impending New England wedding may seem overwhelming. However, there is a lot of information available online that you can use to your advantage. Learn how to stage a wedding reception or any other type of wedding-relevant party or how to choose the best wedding reception hall in Massachusetts for your engagement party, bridal shower, ceremony, or wedding reception.

Who Should Host the Party?

In this day of “no rules,” it might be surprising to learn that there is still sort of an etiquette requirement surrounding plans for an engagement party in Milford or anywhere else in the Southcoast area. While tradition states that the bride’s parents should host the celebration, there are many non-traditional couples who choose not to go this route. What if the couple is older? What if the parents do not approve of the union? What if this is a second (or third) marriage? Who’s to say that you can’t celebrate your engagement or that you have to follow a lot of very old rules regarding parties?

If you want to stick to tradition, go ahead and read up on wedding etiquette. There are books, magazines, videos, and websites dedicated entirely to this subject. However, if you are planning to do your own thing from the very beginning, consider making your own plans for the engagement party through to the New England wedding ceremony and reception. If you do decide to host your own party, make sure to be clear that you are not asking for gifts. Include this information in the invitations or simply invite people to come informally and let them know that this is just a get-together to celebrate your engagement.

When Should the Party Be Held?

This can be a big question when it comes to planning an engagement party in Milford. Let’s say you got engaged in December and you are planning an October wedding. You don’t want to wait too long for the engagement party, as it will begin to conflict with everything you need to do to plan the ceremony and choose a wedding reception hall in Massachusetts. With only less than a year to plan, you won’t want to have a huge engagement party that might make your guests feel as though there’s too much going on. Consider hosting the party right away in January. Work with the venue to find the best possible date for your party, even if it is on a weekday night due to such short notice.

If you have already been searching for a venue to host your New England wedding, perhaps discuss your plans for an engagement party with the on-site event coordinator. They might be able to help you secure a date at their location to host your engagement celebration. Many couples are choosing one venue and use it for everything from the engagement party to the bridal shower, wedding ceremony, and ultimately, the wedding reception as well. When you find the perfect location, there’s no reason not to use it to your full advantage. Who knows, if everything goes well, you could be planning a baby shower there sometime in the future as well!

Budgets, Guest Lists, and Details

The next step is to think about how much you have to spend on an engagement party in Milford. Whether you are hosting your own party or if you are hosting a party for a family member or friend who is getting married, this is an essential step. Once you have a budget, it will be easier to choose the venue according to the space for guests and the cost for use. Ask about any included features that might help you bring the whole party together, such as the use of tables, chairs, linens, and other decorative items. In-house catering can make it even easier, allowing you to simply pick a menu and have everything be all-inclusive with one single invoice.

The guest list should be similar to what the couple may choose to invite to the actual wedding. Be careful not to overlook anyone important, such as close family members, friends, and colleagues that they will want to attend and share in this special moment. Consider the type of party you want to throw based on your expenses. For example, one way to cut costs is to host a brunch with a champagne toast or an evening hors d’oeuvres and cocktails party instead of a big luncheon or dinner. Remember that the final cost will be determined by headcount, so keep that in mind as you create the guestlist for the party.

Schedule a Tour of The Crystal Room

Celebrating the engagement for a couple who will be having a New England wedding can be a big undertaking. However, when you find the right venue for your engagement party in Milford, it can make it a lot easier to get everything under control. Schedule a tour of The Crystal Room by calling our team at 508-478-7800. We can answer any questions that you might have about our party and wedding reception hall in Massachusetts, check availability for your desired date, and help you with planning to stage a wedding reception, family event, or any other type of special occasion. Call today to see the space and start making plans for your celebration.