The Happy Couple: Smart Planning for Reception in Milford, MA

Happy Wedding Planning in MassachusettsLearning how to plan a stage a wedding reception can be a very stressful time in any person’s life. Combine that with the excitement and stress that comes with such a monumental time in your relationship, filled with anticipation, worries, fears and hopes, and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster. Before you sit down to choose your wedding colors or select a venue for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, it is important to work together to think about what you want and where you want to place your focus throughout the entire process.

Your New England wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. There are things you can do before the planning even begins that will ensure you have a happy and stress-free celebration. Remember, this is supposed to be one of the most joyous events of your life. The point is to celebrate each other as a couple both now and in the future. You don’t need petty arguments about insignificant things like dinner menus and guest lists to start things off on the wrong foot. Before those “discussions” even occur, take time to sit down together and agree to stay on the same team.

Tip #1 – Remember Why You Are Doing This
It’s one thing to work together and try to be on the same team, but it’s another to always remember why you are putting yourselves through this ordeal. Your ceremony and wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts will seem like a huge undertaking when you first get started, but once you secure the venue, choose your wedding colors and sit down with the on-site planner at The Crystal Room, everything else will begin to fall into place. Sure, there will be some compromising and last-minute changes, but if you remember that the only reason you are making all of these plans is because you are in love and want to spend the rest of your lives together, everything will go a lot smoother.

Tip #2 – Agree to Give and Take
You will absolutely not agree on every single decision when it comes to planning your wedding or considering options to stage a wedding reception. Your idea of the “perfect wedding” may vary greatly from your soon-to-be-spouse’s, even if you discussed it at length before you got engaged. What you pictured in your head may be different from what they pictured in their head. The cost for your New England wedding plans may be much higher than you anticipated and your families may not be as accommodating as you expected. Agree ahead of time to learn when to give in and when to stand up for what is important. While you might want to splurge on that Hummer limo, your budget may only afford a town car to get you from the church to the venue. It is important to think about what really matters without neglecting the needs of your future spouse.

Tip #3 – Plan for YOU
Don’t make plans, change plans or nix plans simply because you don’t think a family member would approve or because they have voiced a negative opinion about your plans. Choose your own wedding colors, stage a wedding reception that will encompass the things you want to participate in most – remember that this is your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. You don’t need to please anyone else. Want to do a buffet instead of a plated meal? Prefer to serve tapas, cocktails and cake instead? Want to use non-traditional flowers in your bouquet or have a pink wedding gown? This is your day. Plan the New England wedding of your dreams – not for anyone else.

Tip #4 – Take Time Off from Planning
Planning a wedding can become all-consuming. Don’t let it take over your life. Learn to lean on others, such as your on-site wedding planner at The Crystal Room. Your planner can help you make decisions on decorations, help you coordinate your vendors and even help you stage a wedding reception from start to finish. Learn how to take a day or weekend off from planning. Let go and trust in the people who you have hired to assist with your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. ­­You can even declare “wedding discussion free” time periods or areas to provide you with some space so you don’t become all-consumed with the details. Remember to celebrate this time together. It is a special moment in the grand scheme of things that you will never get back.

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