The Wrentham Bride Guide: Duties of the Maid-of-Honor (MOH)

Wrentham Massachusetts Bride GuideThere are a lot of articles that outline all of the things that a bride or couple must do in the planning of a wedding. However, many overlook the duties of the maid-of-honor or MOH in the planning process. A good MOH will provide input, support, guidance, and help delegate work to others for everything from choosing a reception hall and reception decorations in Massachusetts to going shopping with the bride for wedding gowns in Wrentham and the surrounding Southcoast area. She helps others to set up essential events like the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and might even go with the couple to audition DJs and bands or pick out the wedding cake.

As the number one bridesmaid, the MOH acts as the right-hand woman to the bride, helping her throughout the entire process and also on her wedding day. Holding her bouquet at the altar and assisting with her veil or train on her gown is nothing compared to the duties that she will perform in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the wedding. If requested, she will also offer a congratulatory speech or toast on the wedding day, similar to the best man’s toast. While it might seem like a lot to ask of your MOH, this is why choosing someone who just isn’t close to you, but someone who has been a dedicated best friend or sister is what is required for such a lofty position.

Rule #1 – The MOH Works for the Bride

While there are clear-cut rules for the flower girl or the ring bearer in a wedding ceremony, there are no “rules” when it comes to the maid-of-honor. The MOH does what the bride needs her to do, which means being flexible and bowing to wedding etiquette if the situation calls for it. While it is traditional for the MOH to plan and host the bridal shower, there are some instances where the bride’s mother or sister might want to take that honor. As a result, the MOH would bow to the family member and offer to support them by helping with invitations, decorations, or catering options for the event. Anything else that the bride needs assistance with during the planning stages and on the wedding day will be up to and between the bride and the MOH.

Rule #2 – The MOH Goes to All Bridal Appointments

Brides choose a MOH based on their loyalty, friendship, support, and trustworthiness, so of course, they will go with them on every bridal-related appointment. A good MOH should be there when the bride tries on 100 wedding gowns in Wrentham or chooses between seasonal wedding colors for her invitations and favors. Multiple return dress fittings, appointments for discussing reception decorations in Massachusetts or taking tours when choosing a reception hall – these are all times when the MOH should be involved. While this might seem like a lot of work, it’s not just about rearranging your schedule to be there for the bride; it’s about creating fun and memorable experiences between you and your best friend or sister that will last a lifetime. It is a big part of the wedding experience.

Rule #3 – The MOH Coordinates All Bridesmaids

One of the most daunting tasks given to the maid-of-honor is having to coordinate and work with all of the other bridesmaids. While the MOH is chosen because she can be trusted to see everything through to the end with unfailing, never-ending support, bridesmaids tend to be aloof and not very reliable, having to be chased down to go for dress fittings, reminded to get shoes and accessories, or contacted frequently to ensure that they make it to events on time. Bridesmaids can be sisters, friends, cousins, coworkers, or even soon-to-be in-laws, which can make it difficult to get everyone on the same page when it comes to wedding plans. Bridesmaids should help the MOH plan a bachelorette party for the bride if one is wanted, and also assist with crafty assignments for decorating pre-wedding parties and the reception hall.

Rule #4 – The MOH Should Help the Bride Enjoy the Process

The whole point of having a close friend or sister by your side to assist with all of the insurmountable tasks associated with planning a wedding is to alleviate some of the stress and make the process more fun. Whether that means cake testing, adjusting the guest list, speaking up when the bridal gown doesn’t fit right, or offering friendly advice when the bride starts to feel overwhelmed, the MOH is a very key player in the entire process. Help the bride stay on target for all appointments and deadlines, but also distract her (in a good way) by taking her out for a girl’s night, to the movies, out bowling, or remind her to go out for dinner and dates with her soon-to-be husband. Anything you can do to reduce the bride’s stress and make this a fun experience will be appreciated and remembered.

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