Themed Weddings: What Theme is the Right Theme for You?

Fotolia_27757555_XSNot everyone is all about the traditional church wedding or backyard wedding. There are some rather adventurous couples that will step outside of tradition and do something that is a reflection of their personalities. For instance, they will make their theme something that both have in common, such as a love for the beach or baseball.

If you have a wedding theme in mind, you can choose a wedding venue and/or opt for professional wedding planning ideas that will give you the wedding that you have dreamed of. If you like traditional, you can take the traditional route. If you like something more outside the box, then you can make happen anything you want to happen and the memories will last a lifetime.

Choosing Your Wedding Theme

If you don’t know where to start, you can start with your wedding planner. With them, you and your future spouse can evaluate the things that the two of you enjoy together. Perhaps you love the outdoors, the beach, basketball, music, a specific movie, or maybe you have a passion for science. Anything that the two of you enjoy, you can make it the theme of your wedding.

As you discuss the things that you enjoy together, you can start exchanging ideas on the different types of décor that you can use. Everything from centerpieces and flowers to wedding favors and the cake can set the theme.

Unique Wedding Themes

There are some rather unique and fun wedding themes that you can use when planning the perfect wedding. Some of those themes are:

  • The rainbow theme – If you absolutely cannot decide on a specific theme or color, the rainbow theme gives a little bit of everything. The bridesmaids can wear the same dress in different colors, the flowers can be all different colors, and even the wedding favors don’t have to be the same color. From the bride’s bouquet to her shoes, this is a theme to have fun with.
  • Sports theme – If you like baseball, basketball, soccer, football, extreme sports, or another type of sport, then the two of you can roll with it. For instance, a baseball themed wedding may involve baseball gloves, plenty of baseballs, peanuts and other stadium food during the reception, and even baseball ticket style invitations.
  • Outdoorsy theme – Maybe you like hiking, camping, mountain biking, or base jumping. Whatever the like, you can make it your theme. Have the wedding outdoors among plush greenery and plenty of wildflowers to complete the look. Maybe even try setting up a large tent outside. The possibilities are endless.
  • Holiday themed – If you are getting married around a holiday, you can integrate that holiday into your wedding by making it the theme. For Christmas, have Christmas décor. Around Easter, eggs and Easter bunnies with plenty of Easter candy to go around will make everyone happy. These wedding planning ideas tend to be somewhat easier to implement and the decorations can typically be purchased affordably a couple of months ahead of time.
  • The carnival or theme park – If you love roller coasters or simply love carnivals, popcorn in popcorn boxes, carnival food at the reception, carnival tents, and a cake with its own mini roller coaster accenting it are just some of the ideas that can make your wedding something that is also adventurous for the guests.
  • Medieval themed – If you love going to Renaissance Fairs, then you can bring the Renaissance to your wedding. You can wear the costumes and so much more, taking yourself and your guests back hundreds of years to a time of fantasy and discovery.
  • Minimalist Theme – If you and your fiance are minimalists, then the minimalist wedding theme is something that you will enjoy. This can keep your costs down and bring a degree of comfort to the ceremony. At the same time, you can keep it elegant and memorable.

Making it Happen

There are so many wonderful wedding planning themes that are out there, making it easy to have exactly what you want. With the help of professional wedding planners, you can turn the venue into something unique that is a perfect reflection of your imagination. Because this is the only day that you are going to have like it, planning the perfect wedding is important. At the same time, you want to keep the stress to a minimum so you can focus on what the ceremony is all about and remember the good times rather than the stress.

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