Throw a Southeastern Massachusetts Bar Mitzvah on a Budget

bar-mitvahNext to planning a wedding for your child, the cost to throw a bar mitzvah for boys, or a bat mitzvah for girls, will likely be the most expensive party you will ever plan in your life. Finding the best event space rentals for your special day, paying for all of those bar mitzvah decorations and specialty items, plus all of the coordinating, running around and planning can be overwhelming. Trying to out-do your child’s friends’ parties can also be an exercise in futility. Rather than trying to throw the biggest and most extravagant party in all of New England, why not just concentrate on throwing a party that your child will appreciate as you celebrate all of their hard work at Hebrew school and the adult years that lie ahead of them?

This article will help you to overcome all of the challenges that parents face these days with regard to throwing a reasonably priced party to celebrate their child’s move into adulthood. While it would be nice to suddenly remember that you have this huge savings account earmarked for this special event, it can be comforting to know that you aren’t alone in planning a budget event. There are many parents nationwide who are waking up to the idea that you don’t have to spend a fortune to throw your child a beautiful party.

Secure the Venue
Before you do anything else, you need to search for a Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall. While hosting your child’s event as close to their birthday as possible would be ideal, sometimes you can get better options with event space rentals if you go in the off-season. Winter is a hard sell for weddings in New England, so it’s likely that there will be more options at your local event hall. For the best party venue in Milford, consider The Crystal Room, a well-appointed, newly-renovated event center that hosts weddings, receptions, corporate events and other special occasions.

The Crystal Room understands how important this particular rite of passage can be for you and your child. We will work together with you to create a very memorable event. Choose from our basic event space rentals or ask about our all-inclusive deals which include all of the bar mitzvah decorations, catered meals, seating arrangements, flowers, table linens and more to create a beautiful space for your son’s or daughter’s special day. Our one-of-a-kind service and beautifully designed hall are the perfect backdrop for your celebration!

Create a Budget
Even though it won’t be a million dollar event with bar mitzvah decorations straight from a music video with entertainers flown in from the west coast, it is important to sit down and create a budget for your event. Include everything from the cost of the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, catering, bar mitzvah decorations, entertainment and invitations. This will give you an accurate picture of what you need to do and how much money you will need to do it. Consider going over your budget with your child. This can be an incredible teaching moment about the value of money and how it should be spent wisely. What do those multi-million dollar bat mitzvahs and sweet sixteen parties teach kids anyway?

Make a Guest List
The number of people that you invite to the party at the event space rentals will affect the cost. Consider cutting down the guest list to just immediate family and close friends instead of inviting every single person you know. The money that you save on per-guest charges for catering can be invested instead into getting a live band instead of a DJ or in getting higher quality bar mitzvah decorations and other specialty items. Again, go over the guest list with your child to see who they really want at their party in the first place. You might be surprised how diplomatic your child can be about who to invite.

Choose a Theme
Sometimes the best way to get around over-spending on bat mitvah or bar mitvah decorations and other items is to choose a theme. Some people pick colors, like with a wedding, while others like to choose an actual theme for their party. When you put down the reservation deposit on the best party venue in Milford to host your special event, make sure to ask about any rules or restrictions for decorations. Don’t be afraid to ask the event coordinator advice and ideas about decorating. They might surprise you with some of the cost-saving ideas that can be used to help make your party more personalized to your child’s tastes and interests.

Call Today to Secure the Date
Remember that, depending on the time of year, you could be competing against weddings, proms, holiday parties and other seasonal events. Make sure to secure your event space rentals at The Crystal Room as soon as possible. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to learn more about all of the options available at our facility or to schedule a tour. We can help you throw a beautiful celebration for your child without having to dip into his college savings to do so!