Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Cake Options in Attleboro

best wedding cake in attleboro massachusettsWhile it might not seem like a huge deal, the wedding cake that you choose for your wedding reception will play a significant and memorable part of your celebration and photos for many years to come. Most couples pay a lot of attention to reception decorations in Massachusetts and focus on the details of getting married in Attleboro and the surrounding Southcoast area, yet neglect taking time to choose the best wedding cake for their theme. You don’t have to invest a fortune to get a really good, quality cake. There are enhancements that can be made to work with your wedding cake options in Attleboro that you can use to your advantage. You can also go the non-traditional route and choose something that holds a special meaning to you and your soon-to-be spouse instead. After all, it is YOUR day!

Tip #1 – Find a Great Baker

Ask everyone for recommendations, from the wedding planner to the venue where you will hold your ceremony or reception. Read online reviews and ask prospective bakers for references that you can contact to find out about their experience. You want a cake that will look and taste as promised, but you also want to make sure that it will be delivered to the venue on time and set-up properly to serve as a lovely display for your guests. Choose a baker that has experience in the local area and make sure to review the contract for purchase carefully to make sure you understand what you should expect in the way of services.

Tip #2 – Start Shopping Early

While many couples know that they should book a reception hall six months to a year in advance, depending on the desired wedding season, most are not aware that bakers get busy, too! This is especially true if you will be working with a popular bakery or if there are limited options in your area. Once you secure the venue and pick the date, start shopping for bakers that can accommodate the type of cake you want for the time of year that you will be getting married. Certain types of cakes will not do well in summer heat or outdoors in the spring or fall, so make sure you discuss all of your needs with the baker on your first appointment.

Tip #3 – Go Tasting

Before you choose a baker, make sure that you schedule a tasting. While most bakers offer a free tasting for the bride and groom to “win” your business, some do charge a fee. This is understandable, as they often have back-to-back meetings with many different couples and it takes a lot of time to prepare samples for these consultations. Discuss your likes and dislikes, as well as any allergies or preferences that you want to be worked into the flavors and types of cake or frosting that will be used. This will help you choose the best wedding cake without having to taste so many samples that you worry about fitting into your dream gown.

Tip #4 – Choose the Perfect Style

Discuss the theme and ideas for reception decorations in Massachusetts with the baker when you are getting married in Attleboro and the surrounding area. Make sure that the baker understands the colors, flavors, style, and decorations that you want to be included in your cake. You might be surprised to see all of the wedding cake options in Attleboro, Fall River, New Bedford, Milford, and other local areas, so it pays to be focused and make choices based on your tastes, needs, interests, and budget. Some popular styles of cakes in recent years include theme-based, romantic, naked/natural cakes, glamorous, and seasonal. Spend some time looking online or at the bakery’s portfolio for ideas that you want to incorporate into your cake design.

Tip #5 – Consider the Cost

The size of the cake will be determined by the number of guests at your wedding reception in Milford at The Crystal Room. If you only have 100 guests, you won’t require a seven-tier cake or need to spend thousands of dollars. Other extras, such as sugar flowers and spiraling designs, can add to the cost as well. So if you have a specific budget for your wedding cake, make sure to be upfront about that with the baker at your first meeting. They can give you price estimates based on the type of cake you want and the number of guests. Some couples have opted for smaller cakes that suited their theme and aesthetic requirements, choosing to serve slices of matching sheet cake or cupcakes to their guests instead. Work with the baker to find the solution that is best for you and your budget.

Secure a Venue for Your Reception

Before you even start shopping for a wedding cake or pick out reception decorations in Massachusetts, it is crucial to choose the best venue for your celebration. Just as you take time to choose the best wedding cake, it is essential to find a facility that will work for your needs. The number of guests and the theme of the wedding should be considered, as well as other extras like parking, audiovisual options, on-site catering services, and much more. Contact our team at The Crystal Room to schedule a tour or to speak with one of our event planners about your ideas for a wedding in the Greater Attleboro and Milford area. Call today at 508-478-7800 and start making plans for your special day right away!