Tips for Massachusetts Brides: Budget Wedding Reception Plans

budget-reception-planningThere are many expenses that must be considered when making ceremony and wedding reception plans. While you won’t want to go cheap on the dress or the venue, there are ways that you can reduce the costs of decorations for your Massachusetts wedding reception. Picking an elegant venue that sets the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding is half the battle. Choosing top quality reception locations in Milford, MA may not seem like an easy task, but once you visit The Crystal Room and take a look at all of the well-planned amenities and beautiful decor, you will able to book the room and begin making the rest of your wedding reception plans without delay.

What is Included?
Before you spend too much time or money on decorations for your Massachusetts wedding reception, make sure to ask what is included. Some reception locations in Milford, MA will provide the decorations as part of the space rental, so that could save you some money. For example, The Crystal Room helps brides and grooms create custom wedding reception plans. Each and every event is customized according to the expressed needs and desires of the couple to create a much more memorable celebration. Some elements are included with the basic wedding reception package, but we also offer extras that can be added to give you even more opportunities to customize your special day.

Services provided standard for wedding receptions at The Crystal Room include:

  • wedding reception plans coordination with a personal on-site planner
  • ivory linens and choice of napkin colors
  • table numbers that are elegantly framed
  • four-course plated meal with included menu choices
  • complimentary food tasting for bride and groom
  • cake cutting service and cake enhancements
  • champagne toast for wedding party and guests
  • full five-hour use of The Crystal Room for your reception

What Do You Need?
Beyond the basic beauty of the venue that you have chosen from a list of reception locations in Milford, MA, one of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to sit down with your planner or maid of honor and start thinking about the different areas of the space and what you will want to decorate. When it comes to decorating the reception area for a wedding, less is often more. Too many decorations or crazy theme ideas and your event will come off looking like a high school prom. It is easy to go overboard when thinking about all of the elements that you want to include. If you want to customize something special for the groom, put it into his special groom’s cake. If you want to express something special for the bride, include it with the colors, flowers or wedding party table.

Step One – Choose a Color Scheme
This could match the color scheme of your wedding ceremony, which is how most brides do it. A black-and-white theme is very elegant and easy to find decorations for to use at your Massachusetts wedding reception. Pastels in spring, bright yellows in summer, fall colors in autumn and silvers in winter are also common choices. Try to pick one or two colors maximum to use for your color scheme to keep everything looking cohesive.

Step Two – Think About the Space
What needs decorating? If the tables, napkins and chairs are already covered with the standard wedding reception plans at The Crystal Room, what else do you need to do? Centerpieces and flowers are also two services that can be provided through the venue. Tiny token gifts for the wedding party and guests are often something that brides are interested in doing, but it is important to pay attention to your budget. The entrance, the wedding party table, the cake table, the gift table, the dance floor and other custom ideas should all be discussed with the event coordinator to find out what is available and what is still needed.

Step Three – Extra Elements
Some of the extra decorations that you can add to enhance your reception include cloth, such as silks, linens, tulle or cottons, which can be used to dress up the windows, walls and other areas of reception locations in Milford, MA. Bows and ribbons in your color scheme can also be used to further customize the look and feel of the table settings at your reception to help set the mood. More tips for Massachusetts brides include thinking “outside the box” to select decorative items that go with the overall theme, season or location of the wedding. Embrace the fact that you are in New England, one of the most beautiful regions in America. Use the harvest and cultural influences of the area to create unique ideas for your Massachusetts wedding reception.

Why the Venue Matters
When you start looking around at reception locations in Milford, MA and the surrounding area, you will realize that the look, feel, design and decor of the venue for your Massachusetts wedding reception is very important. Choosing a quality venue like The Crystal Room, which was designed to host elegant wedding receptions that are classic, traditional and contemporary in theme, will help you to reduce your decorations budget for your wedding reception plans, helping you to afford other extras that you and your guests will enjoy. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to speak with one of our wedding reception coordinators and explore all of our standard and custom options on our website. Contact us as soon as you set a date so you can secure The Crystal Room for your special celebration!