Tips for Massachusetts Brides: Common Summer Wedding Mistakes

Summer Weddings in MassachusettsOne of the most significant events that you will likely ever plan in your life is your wedding. Whether you have a modest guest list of 50 and under or if you are planning a reception in New England for 100 or more, many of the tips for Massachusetts brides getting married in the summer are the same. There are certain traditional wedding things that you should avoid or at least reconfigure to ensure that you, your wedding party, and your guests have a great time. Learning how to stage a wedding reception can be kind of like attempting a whole new language, but once you understand the ins and outs of wedding planning, it makes a lot of sense. Figure out what you want to include – and what you don’t – and then grab the venue that you decide on ASAP so you can start shopping for invitations, vendors, and reception decorations in Massachusetts right away.

Avoid Overly-Formal Events

While most weddings are a “dressed up” type of affair, you would do well to consider the temperature and weather of the season before requiring your groomsmen to wear a formal tuxedo with all the accessories. The same holds true for your bridesmaids. Many wedding horror stories include bridesmaids who fainted due to the unnecessary weight of the fabric chosen for their attire. If you want to boost formality without weighing down your best friends and family members with black tie requirements, consider upgrading flowers, adding classy decorations, choosing top quality menu items, and hiring professional entertainers to perform during your reception.

Include Strategic Decorative Pieces

When it comes to the items that you choose for your reception decorations in Massachusetts, consider the ways that your ideas could benefit your guests. For example, outdoor areas could benefit from citronella candles instead of hot string lights to repel insects instead of attracting them. Favors could include beautiful keepsake fans and water bottles that guests could use to stay cool. Awnings for outdoor ceremonies can help keep the sun out of your eyes in wedding photos and prevent guests from passing out from the heat. Consider the date, the season, the location, and the time of day that everything will occur when planning a reception in New England.

Incorporate Seasonal Menu Items

Hearty beef stews and heated carving stations are not the best choice for a summer wedding even if there is air conditioning at the venue you choose to stage a wedding reception. Include lighter and healthier options for your guests, including an array of cold appetizers, fruit salads, green salads, chilled shrimp cocktail, and other seasonal or local delights. Work with the on-site event coordinator for planning everything from the menu to reception decorations in Massachusetts for best results. Ask for advice, consider opinions from those who do this for a living – these are some of the best tips for Massachusetts brides.

Don’t Over-Serve the Alcohol

Hot temperatures, light menu items, and an open bar can sometimes be a dangerous combination. Consider planning a non-alcoholic drink station with lemonades, iced teas, chilled water bottles, and sodas. Offer seasonal alcoholic drinks, such as sangria, summer beer, and fruity custom cocktails. Keep the water bottles out and available throughout the evening to provide guests with refreshment other than alcohol. Everyone needs to stay hydrated at a summer wedding – even you and your wedding party. Stock some water bottles in the bridal suite as well and encourage everyone to grab one before, during, and after the celebration.

Remember the “Golden Hour”

Work with your photographer to find the best time for outdoor photos. Prime photos for the ceremony, processions, group wedding party and family pictures, and couple shots should be planned around the sun. The “golden hour” is that magical time of day around sunset when pictures come out dreamy and offer the best possible lighting. Don’t overlook this essential aspect of planning a reception in New England, especially during the summer months.

Choose the Right Venue

Whatever you do, don’t just rush into choosing the venue when you start making plans. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to schedule tours of the venues that you are considering. Take a look at everything from the space that is available, the amenities that are offered, the dates that the venue is open, and the options that you can choose from to stage a wedding reception to suit your needs. Schedule a tour of The Crystal Room in Milford, MA for our Southcoast wedding plans by calling 508-478-7800.