Tips for Massachusetts Brides: Fall Weddings in Milford, MA

While spring is still “the” wedding season for most couples, there is just something to be said about hosting a fall wedding in New England. The crisp chill in the air, the colorful falling leaves, and the scent of bonfires in the air make it a magical time of year. If you want to plan a romantic autumn wedding in Massachusetts, it is important to start planning as soon as possible. Select the venue for the ceremony, whether outdoors or at a family place of worship, and then pick the hall for your wedding reception in Milford, MA. The Crystal Room is a premier venue that is simply perfect for planning a reception in New England. Conveniently located with plenty of space and ample parking for your guests, just make sure you secure the venue early for your New England wedding.

Consider the Weather Conditions
Many couples start planning their wedding a year in advance, so now is the time to start paying close attention to the weather patterns during this time of year. Whether you want a September, October or November wedding, make sure that you consider the weather conditions and have a plan B in case your plan A does not work out the way you want. This is especially true if any part of your wedding will be held outdoors, including the photography. Planning ahead is one of the best tips for Massachusetts brides because it takes the pressure off everything being “perfect” on your wedding day and understanding ahead of time that if things go wrong, there is already a plan available to make it right.

In addition to rain and early snowfall, brides also need to consider the temperature. When choosing your wedding gown, tuxedos for your groom and the groomsmen, dresses for your bridesmaids, and attire for your flower girls, make sure to think about layers. The basic dress should be geared for the time of year, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick something “frumpy” for your New England wedding. Ask the dressmaker or shop owner about jackets, coats, wraps, and other options that can be used that will still coordinate with your wedding theme and colors. At the wedding reception in Milford, MA, make sure that there will be heat available, but consider offering throw blankets to grandparents and other elderly guests. They will appreciate the gesture and will most likely take advantage of it as well.

Seasonal Colors
So your favorite colors might be pink and gray, but if you are planning a fall wedding because you love the season, you should consider thinking about autumn hues. Deep, rich colors, including pumpkin, burgundy, cranberry, emerald, eggplant, and navy, are all perfect for this time of year. When planning a reception in New England, make sure to visit the venue and take a look at the existing decor before purchasing anything for your special day. Some locations are already well-appointed and might work with or against your initial ideas for wedding decorations. If you have any questions about decorating the venue, work with the on-site staff. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to get to know the staff at your wedding venue, as they can help you to make the most of your wedding ideas.

Seasonal decor can also be a real time-saver if you don’t already have a theme for your wedding. Natural harvest items, leaves, and local cranberries make great centerpieces and table decor. Ask the venue about incorporating these items into your menu. The bakery that you work with for your wedding cake will also likely have some seasonal options for you to consider, both for the flavors of your cake and frosting on the inside, as well as for the decorative items on the outside. Cake toppers have expanded with regard to options in recent years. Search for something that reflects you as a couple and something that will go with the decor for your wedding reception in Milford, MA.

Choose a Special Venue
When it comes to planning a reception in New England, the most important element is the venue where you will be hosting your celebration. Whether you choose to have an all-in-one wedding, where the ceremony and reception are all at a single location, or if you will be saying your vows at one place and host the reception somewhere else, it pays to search for the best venue in the area. If you are planning to host a wedding reception in Milford, MA, make sure to visit The Crystal Room. As the area’s premier wedding venue, we host a lot of weddings and receptions at our location. When it comes to tips for Massachusetts brides, we suggest picking the venue early and securing your desired date as soon as possible. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our facility or to check on availability.