Tips for Massachusetts Brides: Shabby Chic & Country Themes

shabby-chicWhether you are looking at popular trends for your upcoming wedding and reception decorations in Massachusetts or if you just like a particular theme, it is important to take some time to learn about all of the decorative options available for everything from the flowers to the cake, wedding invitations to favors and tons of other great ideas in between. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration, but once you have an idea of what you are looking for and can identify it with a name, it will be easy to find all the things you will need at local party stores or through online resources.

Shabby chic and country themes have been quite popular with brides in recent years. Great for beautiful settings, outdoor weddings or couples who lean toward a more laid back lifestyle. The “chic” in shabby chic reveals that this country theme isn’t just for brides on a budget. In fact, shabby chic is one of the more widely chosen themes used by brides in New England and all across the country, regardless of the budget or size of the wedding. There are some very beautiful accessories that can be mix-matched into this type of theme and it is a theme that can be used year-round, regardless of the season.

Choosing a Reception Hall for Your Wedding

When it comes time to search and reserve a wedding reception hall in Massachusetts for your shabby chic or country theme wedding, you might think you would be limited to hosting your party in a barn or someone’s backyard. But then you would be forgetting the “chic” part of the shabby chic. Some of the most beautiful weddings in this theme have been hosted at gorgeous, modern-looking reception halls like the one at The Crystal Room in Milford, MA.

The Crystal Room is a well-designed, well-appointed reception venue that features all of the must-have and nice-to-haves that you could ever want for your special day. Renovated in 2014, this beautiful location has tons of parking, on-site catering and even has packages that include all of the basic requirements, such as linens, cake cutting service and more. Meet with our professional event coordinators to discuss your shabby chic or country theme. They will provide tips for Massachusetts brides that you can use to your advantage.

It is important to choose a location that can accommodate you and all of your guests, provide enough space for all of your wedding reception activities, allow for parking and have room for all of your decorations. While the location might provide you with the basics, such as tables and chairs, white linens and ambient lighting, you will want to take a tour of the facility to see how your DIY or purchased shabby chic and country decorations and ideas can be integrated in with the overall design of the building.

Creating a Budget for Your Wedding

One of the most important tips for Massachusetts brides is to figure out your budget early on. Create a list of the most important things you want to include for the day and then make another list of things that you would like to include if there is money leftover. From renting the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts to organizing wedding reception activities, hiring a DJ or a band, picking out the cake and selecting the flowers, everything can start to add up pretty quick if you don’t get it under control.

After you secure the venue for your wedding date, then you can start looking at all of the reception decorations in Massachusetts that you would like to use. Don’t start purchasing decorations, flowers, centerpieces and other items until you actually walk the venue. Make sure to ask questions of the on-site event coordinator to ensure that you don’t spend money on something you can’t use. In fact, take advantage of the event coordinator to help you with all of the details for your reception. The Custom Wedding Package at The Crystal Room includes the assistance of the professional event coordinator, so don’t pass up this helpful opportunity!

Go Natural!

The underlying theme of the shabby chic or country trend is natural and rustic. Instead of spending money on embossed seating cards or fancy signs, create chalkboard signs or paint signs on reclaimed barn wood to direct your guests to different stations at your reception. Hand-write the seating charts and make all of your favors yourself. It’s a great activity for the bridal party to get together and make up the decorations, favors and other items as a team.

Lots of colors, wildflowers, natural fabrics and other items can all be integrated to take advantage of the natural beauty of the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts. Burlap runners decorated with seasonal flowers would make a beautiful statement on top of the basic white linens provided by The Crystal Room in Milford, MA.

Depending on the season, there are other natural items that can be used. Pine cones, bales of hay, vintage items, tree trunk slices, twigs, leaves – there really are no limits to the beautiful reception decorations in Massachusetts that will fit the shabby chic or country theme. These natural items aren’t just great for the budget, but they are also earth friendly. So if taking care of the environment is important to you and your soon-to-be spouse, this might be the perfect theme for you.

Reserve Your Space – Make sure to reserve the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts as soon as you set your date. One of the best insider tips for Massachusetts brides is to move quickly to make sure that The Crystal Room is available on your chosen date. As far in advance as you can schedule would be best, especially in the middle of the popular springtime of autumn bridal seasons. Contact our staff by calling 508-478-7800 to schedule an appointment to take a tour of our facility or to reserve your date.