Tips for Planning a Baby Shower in Southeastern Massachusetts

baby-shower-planningOne of the most fun and exciting parties to plan is a baby shower. Baby showers are so much easier than wedding receptions, birthday parties and anniversaries. However, you can still choose a beautiful Milford party venue for your event and get help from one of the party coordinators at The Crystal Room to assist you in planning a reception in New England. Baby Showers are typically a daytime affair, however they can be scheduled during the evening for busy working moms-to-be and their guests. Once you go through the effort of choosing a reception hall and setting the time and date, you can start making all of your other plans.

What Kind of Party?
While you might think that there’s just one type of baby shower to plan, there really are a lot of traditional and modern approaches to this special kind of party. The traditional baby shower is usually an afternoon event with a bunch of women who are close to the expectant mother, including her family, the family of the baby’s father, co-workers, neighbors and friends. This afternoon event typically includes a light lunch or tea, as well as some friendly games and gift-giving. Some parties include a nice cake and other desserts, while others keep it light with just some basic refreshments.

Another type of baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts that is growing in popularity is a party that includes the men in the family. The father-to-be, grandfathers-to-be, uncles-to-be and other male relatives, co-workers, neighbors and friends are all invited to join in on the fun. Traditional games can still be played at the Milford party venue, as long as a special party area or celebration is provided for the men. Most men aren’t as “into” the traditional party games as women, such as guessing the sex of the baby, size of mom’s belly or picking baby names. Some couples choose to have a cigar party for the men with pink or blue cigars announcing the baby’s gender, along with sandwiches and guy-oriented refreshments.

Once you decide what type of party you want to have when planning a reception in New England, discuss your ideas with the Milford party venue to make sure there will be room for what you want to do. Depending on the time of year, some places can accommodate both indoor and outdoor events at the same party, so take that into consideration when choosing a reception hall. Ask about any audio-visual equipment you might want, either to show a video of the parents-to-be as children or to have an emcee for the party games.

Picking a Theme
The next thing you will want to do is to pick a theme for your baby shower. This can be easier if you know the gender of the baby, but even if you don’t, try to pick a theme that fits with the parents’ ideas for the baby’s nursery. Baby animals, licensed characters, color combinations and other similar themes are most common. Decorate with these items or a combination of diapers, baby rattles and streamers. Check websites like Pinterest for ideas on decorating the Milford party venue for your baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts.

When planning a reception in New England, make sure to speak with the venue about your ideas for decorations to make sure they are okay. Also, when choosing a reception hall, make sure to ask about parking opportunities, on-site catering options, entertainment possibilities and anything else that you want to have included.

You can include the theme ideas in your party invitations, guest book, cake design and other decorations throughout the reception hall. Diaper cakes, party games and food items to be served during the party can all fit within the theme. Remember, if the theme has something to do with the new baby’s nursery, make sure that the parents-to-be include the decorative or functional items that they want to receive in gifts with their gift registry. Encourage the parents to register at multiple stores to ensure that they give guests a wide range of options and price points for gifts.

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