Tips for Planning an Anniversary Party on a Budget

Fotolia_43730593_XSAn anniversary party is a very big deal. Usually, they are a way of celebrating the marriages of individuals who have been married for at least 25 years. Forty, fifty, and sixty year anniversaries are very common, as the families come together to celebrate a union that has spanned many years.

But if you are on the planning side of the anniversary party, you may be wondering what elements you need to integrate into the celebration. Even if the couple knows about the party, you want them to be surprised with what it entails and for everyone who comes to have a great time. This means that you need to explore anniversary party ideas that may even include an anniversary party theme in order to throw a party that everyone will remember.

The Venue

You first need to think of a venue. Think of the number of people you want to invite so that you can tell the venue how many people may be coming. You also want to use a Massachusetts party venue that has different services available to you. This will help you with the planning. For instance, they can take care of the catering, videography, photography, and other elements important to the party.

When you choose a quality venue that can present you with party packages, then it is easier for you to concentrate on the anniversary party theme and the anniversary party decorations. In other words, you can narrow your focus rather than having to concentrate on too much at once.

Record the Memories

Make sure you make arrangements for photos or even a video. As mentioned before, a good venue will have video and photography packages available to you so that you can make arrangements for professional recordings of the party. Remember that this is an anniversary party that may only occur once or twice in the couple’s lifetime, so they will want to record the memories and so will the rest of the family.

Family Involvement

If you and your family get along pretty well, you can get the entire family involved in the planning process. This is something else that can create a lot of good memories. You all can toss around anniversary party themes and ideas. You can also ensure that there are unique anniversary party decorations. Everyone can also contribute to boards made up of family photos so that everyone can reminisce about the years gone by. Even old home movies playing on a television or two at the party will be a lot of fun for the guests.

Keep it Elegant and Simple

You can keep it elegant and simple. Party supply stores have a lot in regards to anniversary party decorations. Even the catering doesn’t have to consist of extremely expensive food. Finger foods are typically sufficient for anniversary parties. Even balloons can be a lot of fun at an anniversary party.

Put Your Computer to Use

If you want to save money on the anniversary party, you can make the invitations on the computer. Amazingly, there are programs and card stock that will allow you to make invitations for as little money as possible without sacrificing their look. Some of the photos to include on memory boards can also be used to print out photos. If there are family members that are unable to be at the party, you can send them photos and video over the Internet so that they can be let in on the party.

Be Creative

There are several things that you can do to make the anniversary party very unique. One thing that you can do is replicate the original wedding cake. Simply find a photo of the original cake, take it to a wedding cake decorator, and have it duplicated. The special couple may recognize it immediately and feel like they are young and their reception once again.

Memory quilts are also something that has become popular. Photos can be copied and integrated into a quilt. Each quilt block contains a different memory.

There are so many things that you can do to make the anniversary party very special. Simply think about what the couple likes, things that they have done together, food they like, and the people that they love. Incorporate all of these things and you can throw the perfect anniversary party.


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