Top Activity Ideas for a Wedding Reception in the Boston Area

activity-ideasWhen it comes time to planning out all of the things that you want to do on your wedding day. From reception menu ideas to choosing the venue, it can get a little overwhelming. There are all of the traditional activities that you want to include, but it is important to make sure that you have fun things for your guests to do while they are waiting for you to arrive, get your photos taken, prepare to cut the cake and do all of the things that don’t really involve them directly. Wedding reception ideas that engage and hold the interest of your guests are a great idea for any wedding reception in the Boston area.

Whether you host your event indoors, outdoors and have different events lined up in between, it is important to work with the venue to ensure that there is ample space and opportunity to safely offer all of these options. As you start scouting out reception locations in Milford, MA make sure to ask the professional coordinators about your ideas. Some of the best wedding reception activities are table-based that your guests can do while seated during dinner, toasts, dancing and mingling. Other ideas can be woven into your wedding theme and, while they will take a little more planning to pull off, can really be a lot of fun.

Unique Wedding Reception Activities
When going over all of your reception menu ideas with the planner, make sure to take some time to think about what your guests will be doing at the tables while waiting for and eating their food. Sure, some time will be taken up with the toast, but other than that, there’s not much to do but talk and mingle. For those who don’t know many people at your reception or as an ice-breaker to get the bride’s side and the groom’s side talking, why not throw in some paper games on the table to get the conversation going?

  • I-Spy – Do you remember this game from when you were a little kid? Every table gets a list and works together to see if they can fill up the sheet. Ask your guests to use smartphones or digital cameras to snap pictures of various moments throughout the event. At the end, have guests submit their photos to a social media page or online app and award a prize. Some suggestions for the I-Spy card can include: the bride and groom kissing, the first dance, cutting the cake, someone doing a crazy dance, someone with food on their face, a picture of the groom’s parents and a picture of the bride’s parents. You can also hide things throughout the reception for kids to look for to add a scavenger hunt element to the event that coordinates with your theme.
  • Mad Libs – Who didn’t love Mad Libs? So easy to play and such funny answers! This is a great dinner table activity that will help your guests bond together over their friendship and relationship with the bride and the groom. Create your own unique game or look online for wedding Mad Libs ideas. Place a special box at the gift table and ask guests to submit their sheets – you’ll have fun reading all the funny things your guests said about you when you get back from your honeymoon!
  • The “Suggestion” Game – This is kind of a unique idea in wedding reception activities that will get your guests at your wedding reception in the Boston area as excited about your future together as you are! Ask a few “pointed” questions and request that they answer them. Put them on a sheet of paper or create mini booklets for them to use. Questions like: “What should we name our first child?”, “What do you think the secret is to a happy marriage?”, “What should we do for our 1st anniversary?” and so on. Again, place a special box at the gift table and ask guests to place their answers inside. You will have fun reading all of the answers and suggestions from your guests.
  • Classic Board Games – Another great way to get people to warm up to one another and have a little fun while waiting for the rest of the festivities to start is to provide them with an offering of classic board games. Games such as checkers, Connect Four, Jenga and vintage games like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Kerplunk and Sorry! are great tools to use to get people excited. Great for a theme wedding that incorporates favorite personal, childhood or hobby items from the bride and groom.

Larger Than Life Wedding Reception Activities
Make sure to speak with the professional coordinator about your options for large scale wedding reception activities such as giant versions of games you played as a kid. When picking out reception locations in Milford, MA make sure to ask whether there is space indoors or outdoors for some of these fun ideas. A ring toss, life-size Jenga, horseshoes, giant checkers made from a large blanket and black-and-red frisbees – these can all be a lot of fun. Group video games, such as Rock Star or other interactive programs, can also be a great way to get people up and having fun.

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