Top Tips for Hosting a Milford Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Party

southcoast rehearsal dinner planningTradition typically dictates that the parents of the bride host the wedding, and the parents of the groom host the rehearsal dinner. However, many modern couples choose to pay for the wedding and all related dinners and parties on their own. Outside of the bridal shower, which should be taken care of by a close relative or friend, today’s couples can pay for just about everything else on their own.

The Milford wedding rehearsal dinner can either be at the venue where the Massachusetts wedding reception will be held or at another place nearby. While it can be helpful to go over all of the details with the wedding party at the same facility where you will stage a wedding reception, many of the instructions regarding the plan and procession can be discussed just about anywhere. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is just to relax when it comes to the rehearsal dinner. This is a great time to spend a quality evening with family and friends before the big day arrives.

Figure Out the Essential Details

Who is hosting the rehearsal dinner? Where will it be held? When do you want it to be organized? And who will attend this event? These are the most important details when it comes to scheduling your Milford wedding rehearsal dinner. Everything else, including the food that will be served and any agenda that needs to be discussed, will be secondary after you decide who, where, and when. These are essential details that must be provided to the party planner so you can maximize the benefits of this particular gathering.

Create a basic guest list of everyone who needs to be at the rehearsal dinner, including the maid of honor, best man, wedding party, parents and siblings of the bride and groom, any grandparents that you might want to include, as well as the ushers, flower girl, ring bearer, and of course, the officiant and wedding planner. Keep it with your notes, contracts, receipts, and other wedding planning essentials.

In the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, start thinking about how you want your rehearsal dinner to go. Even if someone else will do the planning, such as your parents or future in-laws, you will want to have an idea of what you will need to do at this event. The chances are good that the host will ask you about your feelings for this event, so you should have an idea ready to go. Once the date has been set for the wedding, let the rehearsal dinner planner know so they can make reservations for their part of the celebration.

Casual or Semi-Formal Dinner?

While you might not be taking care of the details regarding the plans for your Milford wedding rehearsal dinner, the planner will need to let the venue for the Massachusetts wedding reception rehearsal know if it will be casual or semi-formal. Save the formal attire for the wedding day, but consider business casual or a business dress for your party. It’s nice to have everyone all dressed up to celebrate your impending nuptials. Depending on the theme you are using to stage a wedding reception, and the theme for the rehearsal, the type of clothing may already be dictated by the venue, timing, and decor of the event.

Whatever you want to do, make sure to convey it effectively in the invitations. You can send rehearsal dinner invites out via email, but make sure to create a quality image to use when you do. Create a photo-based invite and include directions to the venue. If you are using a wedding website, consider including a page for the bridal party to use for communications and post about the Milford wedding rehearsal dinner there as well. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to learn how to be an effective communicator and also to stay organized throughout the entire planning process. Save every note, receipt, communication, and contract, keeping it closeby in a three-ring binder or folder for quick reference.

Ready to Secure Space for a Rehearsal Dinner?

Whether you are hosting the Massachusetts wedding reception at The Crystal Room or not, you can always host your Milford wedding rehearsal dinner here anyway. We have a well-appointed ballroom space that can be used for small gatherings on up to average size weddings. We have ample on-site parking, in-house catering opportunities, and offer the support of our professional event planners to help you with all the details. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 and schedule a tour of our facility today.