Top Tips for Planning a Retirement Party in Massachusetts

retirement-party-planningWhether your goal is to plan a party for a co-worker, boss, family member, spouse, friend or even for yourself, it is important to get all of your ideas together and get organized so you won’t forget anything for your special day. From searching the region for Boston area party venues to scouting out reception entertainment ideas, or just planning the menu and decorations, it is important to keep everything organized and under control. Planning a retirement party in Massachusetts can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work if you don’t know what you are doing.

The first thing you should do is to pick out a Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall to hold your event. Think about how many people will be coming to the party and then plan accordingly. The Crystal Room is a premier venue located in Milford, MA. It is a great place to hold retirement parties, wedding receptions, corporate events and other formal or casual celebrations. Compared to Boston area party venues in the big city area, there is much more parking and options available that will benefit you and your guests. Conveniently located just a minute off the I-495, our venue is easy to access and is a great place to host a special event.

Think About the Guest of Honor
Before you start making too many plans, make sure to think about the guest of honor. What would he or she want you to do? Some people don’t like to be fussed over, so a big presentation or showcase of the person’s work and life while at the company might not be the best bet. Think about reception entertainment ideas, such as a live band or DJ, that the person who is retiring would enjoy. Other options include a formal dinner, a casual buffet, an open bar and dancing, a roast or a “this is your life” type slideshow. Make sure you choose a venue that has all of the audio visual equipment you will require to put on your event.

Choose a Theme
Any great party has a focus or theme that sets the tone for the entire event. When thinking about the guest of honor, consider their interests or plans for the future. For example, a co-worker who has plans to go on a year-long cruise after their retirement might appreciate a Bon Voyage party with a tropical or island theme. Someone who plans on doing a lot of fishing might appreciate a more outdoors type theme with fishing, hunting or camping type decor. Someone who is a big sports fan might appreciate a baseball, football or other related type theme. Once you choose the theme, everything else can quickly fall into place, including the menu, the decorations and reception entertainment ideas.

Special Guests or Surprise Guests
Another route to go is to have unexpected guests come to the party. When planning a retirement party in Massachusetts, it pays to go behind the guest of honor’s back and speak with a spouse, close friend or family member about special things you can do to make the party even more memorable. A sibling, former co-worker or military buddy who lives out of state could be contacted, invited and brought in as a special surprise. Already retired former co-workers could be invited to speak at a roast or toast. Local celebrities or special entertainers could also be contacted, hired or brought in to your Boston area party venues as a surprise treat. Just make sure to consider the guest of honor and think about what he or she would like and enjoy before making too many surprise moves.

Hire a Photographer
Consider bringing in a professional photographer, videographer or renting a photo booth for the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall event. Recording the party, guest of honor and all who came to pay respects and tribute to the retiring member is a great way to help them celebrate their retirement and make memories for them to look back and enjoy. Consider creating a photo collage, scrap book or online photo gallery to collect all of the images. If hiring a videographer, consider making a DVD of the party for the guest of honor, or post it online for all the guests to enjoy. Ask about setting up access passwords for photos and videos to keep your images private. Make sure to get shots of toasts, cake cuttings, group pictures of co-workers and images of friends and family members that came to celebrate.

Reserve Space at The Crystal Room
If you are planning a retirement party in Massachusetts for a co-worker, family member or friend, contact The Crystal Room in Milford, MA. Our beautifully appointment Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall has all of the amenities that you could ever want to include for your special event. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to reserve space for your upcoming event or to discuss reception entertainment ideas, catering and decorations with our on-site event planner. Call today and reserve your space at The Crystal Room.