Top Tips: High School Prom Planning in Milford, Massachusetts

Prom Planning for Southeastern MassachusettsWhether you are on the prom committee as a student, or if you are an administrator at a local high school, it pays to study tips and ideas shared by planners who have experience working with proms. Your best bet is to get started as early as possible. The sooner you start to plan, the sooner you can firm up important details, such as selecting a party room in Milford, MA for your big event, lining up a live band, and picking out a theme. While they might sound corny or silly to some, picking a theme is a very important part of high school prom planning. Everything from the invitations to the decorations, the music and the awards, will all center around the theme that you choose for prom planning in Massachusetts.

Tip #1 – Pick a Date
Choosing the date for your prom is important. You want to make sure that the date you pick doesn’t conflict with any school sporting events, testing period or holiday. Go over the school calendar with the high school prom planning committee and then visit the local Milford party venue to find out what is available for your special event. Once you have the date locked down you can start putting everything else into place.

Tip #2 – Go Over the Budget
Once you reserve the party room in Milford, MA that you are going to use for the prom, make sure to sit down with the committee and go over the budget. This will help you know how much you have leftover for entertainment, refreshments, decorations and any extras that you might want to include, such as favors, a photographer or a fun photo booth. Estimate the number of tickets that you will sell and factor in any other possible income sources, such as fundraisers and sponsorships, as listed below.

Tip #3 – Assign Tasks
Hopefully you have at least a dozen people on the prom committee. Divide volunteers into sub-committees that will oversee specific tasks, such as food and beverages, entertainment, advertising, ticket sales and decorating. Because decorating doesn’t actually happen until the day of the event, committee members and other student volunteers can actually participate in another sub-committee in addition to decorating. Make sure every member talks up the prom to students to try to build excitement about the coming event.

Tip #4 – Be Organized
Use a physical paper planner or download an app that will help you to stay on top of organization. Social media groups pages can be made private for discussions between committee members about ideas, status on accomplishments, questions or to vent frustrations. Find ways to allow all committee members to contribute and then funnel that information into a single planner or program to keep track of it all.

Tip #5 – Fundraising and Sponsorships
Some schools have a very limited budget with regard to prom. In some cases, your entire budget may get eaten up by the cost of the Milford party venue, leaving you nothing for decorations, refreshments, and other high school prom planning extras. Car washes are quite popular, but so are bake sales, t-shirts, Valentine flower grams and other seasonal sales throughout the year as you make your way toward prom. Talent shows, fundraising events and sponsored programs are also possibilities for raising money. Think of benefits for local businesses, such as free advertising opportunities, for donations of $50 or more toward prom costs. Work together as a committee to brainstorm for ideas to use for prom planning in Massachusetts.

Tip #6 – Choose Favors
When it comes to high school prom planning, finding new ways for students to remember this special occasion is important. Hiring a photographer where students can purchase their own photos, a photo booth with a social media sharing option, and purchasing favors that include the theme of the prom, the date and of course your high school, are all great ways to accomplish this feat. Think about favors that everyone will want to purchase. Remember, the goal here is to make a profit off of the favors, so don’t pick something that is too costly or that will only interest a small portion of the class.

Tip #7 – DJ vs Live Band
Another big part of prom planning in Massachusetts is deciding if you want to have a live band or if you want to hire a DJ. Weigh the costs, think about the amount of space that you will have, and contact your Milford party venue to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions with regards to having a DJ or live band for your prom. Insurance and other legal concerns might be raised, so the sooner you can decide on this and discuss it with the on-site event coordinator at the party room in Milford, MA, the better.

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