Top Trends for Corporate Meeting Planning

meetingA corporate meeting is a big deal because there is a lot of important information that is passed around throughout the event. Many times, these are not small meetings because of the vast number of employees and the tasks that need to be completed.

We are now approaching a time of year when corporate meetings are starting to ramp up. One year is winding down as another is winding up and there are things that companies need to get done. The best way to do this is to hold the meeting at a corporate meeting venue so that it can be organized and so a number of the tasks that need to be completed are done by the venue itself rather than you.

Here are some corporate meeting trends that will help you conduct a successful meeting:
1.    Location!

It has been found that it is not just the rates that determine which corporate meeting venue is the best. Instead, the location has become the top priority, as well as what the location has to offer. Many aspects can be integrated into a meeting, such as food and top notch presentation materials so that the message can be loud and clear. It helps to conduct a corporate meeting offsite because you can ensure space and give those attending the meeting a different environment. Having the meetings at the office where everyone may be day after day is not always conducive to great ideas.

2.    Plan far in advance because venue demand is on the rise.

The demand for corporate meeting venues are is on the rise. This means that corporate meeting planning needs to occur far in advance so that the desired venue can be secured and all of the elements put in place. Short-term bookings are still frequent, but they are becoming less and less common as time goes on. Plus, booking far in advance is going to remove a great deal of stress from corporate meeting planning. Chances are you need to cater to a lot of people, so everything needs to be perfect.

3.    The need to stay connected.

You’re dealing with business people and this means they are going to come to the meeting equipped with laptops, tablets, and smart phones. They want to stay connected while they are there and probably need to, so WiFi is important. You want to ensure the venue is outfitted with WiFi or, if it isn’t, you can ensure that WiFi is made available in some way so that everyone can connect as they need to. Setting up additional WiFi hotspots is something your IT department or an IT professional can advise you on. You can even talk to the venue about ways to ensure you are connected.

4.    Flexible Meeting Spaces

When it comes to corporate meeting planning, one of the things that that is very important is the flexibility of the meeting space. It needs to be pliable so that you can use it for whatever you need it for. The corporate meeting venue can offer you different options to turn the meeting space into what you need it to be. You want to make sure you have the best possible environment for everyone attending and flexibility is one of the ways in which you’re going to achieve that.

5.    Food and beverage choices.

You want to be able to have good food and beverage choices available. Meetings make people hungry, so you can arrange a menu with the venue’s catering that works for you and everyone attending. One of the trends happening with food and beverage choices at corporate meetings is the healthiness of the food. More people are becoming health conscious, so healthy choices are a must.

6.    Entertainment is becoming a thing

When a meeting is expected to last a while, music can be a great addition. Entertainment helps create a joyous atmosphere that everyone can be comfortable with.

These are just some of the corporate meeting trends to pay attention to when planning a meeting. When you organize a meeting that has everything, then those that are attending will know how much you value them.


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