Top Wedding Cake Trends for Massachusetts Brides in 2013

Part of wedding reception planning is to consider various wedding cake ideas and choose the type of style, theme, flavor and color that will coordinate best with your overall wedding decor. Beyond the wedding cake itself, there is also presentation, wedding cake toppers, embellishments and even groom’s cakes to consider. Here is a list of the top wedding cake trends for 2013 to help get you inspired and excited about choosing your own special cake.

Wedding Cake Styles
The great thing about wedding cakes is that they aren’t limited to location. That is, a cake that will work at a wedding reception in sunny California will be just as at home at your wedding in Massachusetts. Unlike other types of wedding reception decor, you are only limited by your imagination and your budget. In 2013 the top three styles being requested by brides all across the country include:

  • Garlands – Gorgeous flowers, ribbons and bows are draped across the cake for a beautiful, striking effect. Choose from a variety of color combinations depending on the time of year, your wedding theme and your own personal taste. Pastels, bright colors, an elegant white-on-white or monochromatic shades of your wedding colors would all work well with garland style wedding cake ideas.
  • Mega Bling – Massachusetts brides can go crazy with the decorations on your wedding cake as long as it coordinates with the rest of your wedding reception planning and decor. Choose from flashy wedding cake toppers, embellishments of pearls, rhinestones, glittery stands, satin-look fondant shaped into ribbons and bows – think big, loud and outrageous!
  • Ruffled – Reminiscent of bridesmaids dresses from the 1950s, ruffled cakes are going to be huge in 2013. An excellent choice for a vintage or traditional theme wedding ceremony and reception. Wedding cake ideas for ruffled designs include ombre coloring, grosgrain ribbon and beautiful pastel colors.

Wedding Cake Colors
Brides from Boston to Providence and all throughout the area are choosing to think outside the box when it comes to picking wedding cake colors. You aren’t just stuck having a plain white five tier wedding cake with traditional wedding cake toppers. Don’t be afraid to use color – in fact, the top colors of 2013 are bright, bold and include:

  • Mint Green – A mint green cake can be very versatile. It can be used with dainty white flowers for an oriental flavor or trimmed in bold greens, dark blues and blacks to create drama and impact. Tiny flowers of pinks or yellows can create beautiful spring or summer wedding cake ideas. Bold oranges and yellows can even work with the mint green for fall weddings.
  • Purple on Purple – Picking up on the monochromatic theme that was so popular with brides in 2012, the purple on purple color theme is going to be one of the most requested cake color schemes of 2013. Great for weddings of any season or theme, choose from a variety of purples to create layers from dark to light or select a single dark hue and a light hue for a more dramatic effect.
  • Ombre – Choose from a variety of colors, such as oranges, yellows, greens, blues or reds. The ombre effect is sort of a play on the monochromatic theme as well, but it takes the different shades of your favorite colors and moves them from dark to light or light to dark in a gradual progression. The ombre effect can be repeated between layers or each layer can represent a shade of change.

Wedding Cake Flavors
When most people think about wedding cake, they picture a white cake with white frosting and colorful flowers. However, you can actually choose just about any flavor you want for your wedding cake. Be warned though, don’t choose flavors that are so crazy or flavor combinations that might not work for everyone. While it is your wedding, you still want people to actually eat the wedding cake and not waste it. You don’t want to be remembered as that bride with the awful tasting cake. Some of the top flavors in 2013 include:

  • Pink Champagne – This is a very light, elegant flavor and is one of the top wedding cake ideas being touted by all the magazines and industry experts. It goes with just about any type of frosting and theme. The best choices for filling and frosting include a light coconut filling, buttercream, light strawberry, almond or French vanilla.
  • Lemon – One of the best wedding cake ideas for a spring or summer wedding forMilford area brides is to choose a lemon flavor cake. Lemon makes for a bright and colorful cake that will look great in all your wedding photos. Choose from a lemon frosting, French vanilla or buttercream for the best, safest flavor combinations.
  • Butterscotch – This is the latest flavor craze to trend with brides all across the country in 2013. Butterscotch is a nice, mellow flavor that goes well with cream cheese, whipped cream or buttercream frostings, but works equally well with caramel, toffee or even chocolate frostings. Excellent for fall and winter weddings, but it can be used just about any time of year.

Wedding Cake Themes
Wedding reception planning includes choosing a theme for all the decorations, music and other events. When you decide to go with a theme for your ceremony and wedding reception, it makes it easy to choose decorations and wedding cake toppers that will go with your overall theme. Here are some of the top wedding cake themes that are being talked about by Massachusetts brides and wedding experts for 2013:

  • Natural or Rustic – A lot of brides are choosing to go with wedding reception planning ideas that incorporate a natural, woodsy or country chic look to their overall decor. Cakes that feature natural-looking vines, birch bark, birds nests and other natural decorations are very popular. Consider serving your multi-tier wedding cake on a slice of natural tree to really pull the look all together.
  • Lace – Perhaps the biggest overall trend of 2013 is the lace wedding cake. Choose from vintage style lace wedding cakes, traditional lace for a very delicate and feminine feel, modern lace designs that embrace color and texture and combination lace cakes that include different patterns that can be mixed and matched for unique results.