Top Wedding Color Themes for 2013 for New England Brides

When it comes time to choose your wedding colors, there are a couple of different things you need to consider. For example, the venue of your wedding and wedding reception can greatly influence the colors. Different wedding themes will also dictate color or eliminate certain colors from selection. One of the best bridal tips ever offered was to sit down and make a list of questions and answers to help you refine your choice.

Question #1: What is your wedding date?
The date of the wedding, more specifically the season that the wedding will occur, will have a great influence on the wedding colors and themes available to today’s bride. Seasons will definitely influence everything from the flowers to the decorations and everything in between.

Question #2: Where will the ceremony and wedding reception take place?

The venue is extremely important to the overall theme and color selection for your wedding and reception. Carpet colors, lighting, curtains and the decor should all be taken into consideration before choosing your colors.

Question #3: Will any religious or cultural influences need to be considered?
Some religions and cultures have very definite ideas about the colors and decorations that must be used in a traditional wedding. Check with your family, your fiance’s family and consult with the religious leader who will be performing the ceremony to ensure that you don’t select something that would be offensive or contrary to traditional requirements.

Top Color Trends for 2013
Each year, the bridal magazines and experts reveal a series of color combinations that are considered “hot” or trendy for the new year. 2013 is no exception and there are some pretty amazing color combinations to help you choose your wedding colors. The list below is sorted by season to help you select the best colors to complement any wedding themes your are considering for your wedding reception.


  • Blue and White – While this color scheme could easily work year-round, it is particularly stunning for a spring wedding. New Englanders will appreciate the use of local blueberries mixed in with other local flowers to create memorable centerpieces at the wedding reception. Blue bridesmaids dresses with white accents coordinate beautifully with a white bridal gown and blue accents.
  • Light Green and Light Brown – This color combination is perfectly coordinated for an outdoor spring wedding. Even if you aren’t having your wedding reception outside, you can bring a little bit of nature into the reception hall. Spring shades of flowers, linens and other party decorations can help carry the outdoor theme indoors. Coordinating bridesmaids dresses and floral bouquets during the ceremony can carry the theme throughout the day as well.


  • Light Pink and Brown – A light, easy, neutral color scheme that works well during spring and summer. Browns work great for wedding reception decor, such as linens, cakes and even as a selection for bridesmaid dresses. Pink flowers are great for accenting the browns and the colors look amazing together on everything from invitations to bridesmaid gifts and everything in between.
  • Purple and Blue – A great color combination for spring or summer weddings. Combining light blues and deep purples or dark blues and light purples make for an elegant decorative display. Because blues and purples can be so similar, make sure to lay out your options to view them together indoors as well as in outdoor light to ensure that they coordinate well.


  • Orange and Green – A classic color pairing that will work better any time of year, but particularly pops in the summer. White or off-white accents will help the colors to really stand out.
  • Green and Black and White – Cool, crisp, natural and very modern, these colors are fantastic for a summer wedding. Use dark and light greens for florals and to accent the bride’s dress and bridesmaids dresses.


  • Brown and Green and Orange – Bold colors that work well together for a natural, fall seasonal wedding. Rich brown or deep green bridesmaid dresses will look great with orange floral accents. These colors are easy to mix and match for wedding reception decor, tuxedo accessories for groomsmen and will work with most reception hall venues.
  • Red and Orange – For brides who want to really embrace the autumn colors of Southeastern Massachusetts, this color scheme can set the tone for a gorgeous fall wedding. Using white and deep-colored roses together for a stunning bridal bouquet can complement the seasonal shades used for decor during the ceremony and at the wedding reception.


  • Cranberry and Pink – Especially when used with black and white accents, this elegant color combination will be the talk of your wedding reception. Black bridesmaid dresses with a splash of cranberry and pink will complement black-and-white or pink linens, napkins, favors, flowers and other elements of your decor.
  • Green and Cream – A classic color combination that can be modified according to tastes and wedding reception venue just by switching from light to dark greens. The cream accent can be used in florals, linens and centerpieces, as well as for bridesmaids gowns and accessories.

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors
Wedding planners and industry experts will tell you that you want a maximum of three colors in your wedding color scheme. One color should be the dominant “theme” color to use throughout. The other colors should coordinate, support and accent the primary color in some way.

Complementary colors, which are found opposite of each other on a color wheel, such as red and green or blue and orange, can be chosen for a wedding theme.

Monochromatic colors, which are basically just a variation on the same color, like a bright pink, a light pink and a medium pink, can also be used.

Analogous colors, which are colors that are found next to each other on the color wheel because of their similarities, such as blue-green, lime green, green and blue, are also another option.

If you have a favorite or signature color, that’s a great way to get started. If there is a specific theme for your wedding, you might want to do some research to find what colors would work best within that motif. Looking to modern designers, magazines and experienced wedding planners for advice are some of the best bridal tips to help you pick the best colors for your wedding reception and ceremony.