Traditional Classic Wedding Reception Planning in New England

Wedding Reception PlanningSo you have decided to host a classic wedding reception and you aren’t quite sure what that means. It is important to know before you even start planning a reception in New England that there aren’t any hard and fast rules that you need to obey. Outside of the requirements in your state for the officiant with regard to marital law, you can customize every single part of your wedding day to suit your tastes and needs. Choose seasonal wedding colors or buck the system and go with something totally unexpected at your Milford wedding reception. Decide to have a string quartet or go with a local punk rock band – whatever you want, however you want it, you can incorporate it into your wedding plans.

Understanding Wedding Traditions
If you have never planned a wedding before – and in most situations, this is a first for both parties – you might not be aware of everything that goes into a classic wedding reception. However, while you don’t need to include every element or activity within your special day, having an understanding of these traditions that go into a typical Milford wedding reception, may help you to make a better decision of whether you want to incorporate them or not. In fact, the more you know about planning a reception in New England, the happier you will be with the things that you do include.

Entering & Exiting
A lot of weight goes on the way that the couple enters the ceremony. Traditionally, we see the groom and his groomsmen standing at the altar with the officiant, while a huge procession of flower girls, bridesmaids and, eventually, the bride enters in on a long white carpet to make her way to her groom. You can do this any way you want. As family dynamics change, and ideas about wedding traditions evolve, the couple should choose the method of entering and exiting the ceremony – and the reception – that they really want. Even the music doesn’t have to be “The Wedding March,” it can be something that holds a special meaning.

Wedding Vows & Blessings
Most people know that you can write your own vows and blessings when planning a wedding ceremony in Milford, Massachusetts. However, you can also go with classic vows, a mixture of classic and customized vows, include a poem, Bible verse or anything else that has meaning for you as a couple. Remember that this is YOUR day, so you can include anything you want from the seasonal wedding colors down to what you, your fiance and the officiant say during the ceremony.

Wedding Flowers
Centuries ago, brides carried bunches of herbs and garlic to ward away evil spirits, but this was eventually replaced with a bouquet of flowers to represent everlasting love and fertility. Each culture has a different classic flower and meaning, so if you are planning a Milford wedding reception and ceremony that nods to your ancestry, make sure to coordinate your flowers in this manner as well. Different flowers also hold different meanings on their own, such as roses, carnations, lilies and daisies, with some blooms only being available at certain times of the year.

Wedding Cake
When planning a reception in New England, the first thing that you might be interested in taking care of is the wedding cake. But do you know the history of this classic wedding reception tradition? Originally the cake was not meant to be eaten, but to be thrown at the bride, as yet another fertility tradition. The tradition changed around 100 BCE, when Roman bakers encouraged people to eat the cakes they baked instead of throwing them. The cakes were eaten during the ceremony, not at the reception, which continued on through the Middle Ages. The cakes were small and more like biscuits or scones, and the couple would stack the small biscuits as high as they could and share a kiss over the pile without knocking it over, symbolizing prosperity. It wasn’t until the late 1660s that a French chef turned this sloppy pile of biscuits into a beautiful confection that more resembles what we use today.

Other Classic Wedding Reception Traditions
Some of the traditions that we think of when planning a reception in New England, include tossing the bridal bouquet, removing and tossing the garter belt, the father-daughter dance, the first dance for the couple, and throwing rice, are all things that you can choose to include or exclude from your Milford wedding reception. Sometimes family dynamics, budgets and time don’t permit everything to be included, so it is important to focus on the things that matter to you most as a couple and make sure that they are incorporated. Work with your on-site planning coordinator to detail everything from seasonal wedding colors to connecting with vendors.

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