Traditional Spring Wedding Reception Planning in New England

Planning a spring wedding.There’s nothing quite like planning a beautiful spring wedding. It is the best time of year for weddings for a reason. It is important to set your date as early as possible if you want to get into the optimum window for a spring wedding, especially in the South Coast area where spring weddings are always in demand. There are so many advantages to hosting a spring wedding, but you need to give yourself several months or even a year or more in advance, to make sure you get everything you want. It is possible to host a budget wedding reception in the spring even at an elegant location, but you have to be willing to adjust your schedule and host your wedding on alternative dates and times, such as weekdays or early in the morning when the demand isn’t as high.

Why Spring Weddings are Best
Coming out of a cold, snowy and icy winter, the New England states literally come alive with fresh green grasses and trees, as well as colorful flowers in just about every shade. It’s a glorious time to visit the South Coast area, which is why it is the perfect time to throw a wedding. If you are planning a reception in New England, make sure to take advantage of beautiful locations outside the big cities, such as Milford, MA. Located just off the I-495, The Crystal Room is a premier venue that has all of the amenities and options you could ever want to create a beautiful spring wedding in the northeast.

The flower choices that are available locally will also help to enhance a budget wedding reception, giving you more options at affordable prices that will allow you to do more on your special day. Springtime is the time for new beginnings. What better time to start your new life together?

Spring is awesome for wedding photos, as the colors and skies are just magnificent. No matter what theme or color scheme you choose for your wedding, the colors of spring will coordinate and enhance your selections. The weather here in New England makes choosing a reception hall in the spring the best time of year hands down. While there may be a spring shower or two, it is generally the best time of year weather-wise to plan anything outdoors.

Tradition With a Twist
It is possible to plan a tradition wedding and still be able to make it your own. When you choose the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts, make sure to ask about any restrictions or rules for decorations. Selecting a venue that is already beautifully designed and appointed will help make it easy to create a budget wedding reception without blowing a lot on decorations. However, you still will want to be able to add your own table centerpieces along with any theme items to enhance the look and feel of the space. You don’t have to stick with a strict script. Remember, this is your special day!

When planning a reception in New England for the spring you don’t have to:

  • plan an outdoor wedding – you can still have everything indoors while celebrating the season
  • use pastel colors – you can use any color combination you want, including shades or gray or bring and colorful tones
  • put flowers all over the place – just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you have to go completely floral for your decorations
  • host a daytime wedding – in fact, nighttime weddings can be very elegant and a lot of fun
  • use specific styles or fabrics – when choosing your gown and the clothing for the wedding party, you can go formal or informal, full length or tea length and choose any type of fabric that you want to complement the rest of your wedding theme

Come Visit The Crystal Room
If you are looking for a reception hall in Massachusetts, don’t look any further than the elegant and beautiful Crystal Room in Milford, MA. Newly renovated in 2014, The Crystal Room has everything you could ever want when choosing a reception hall for your special day. From ample parking to beautiful ballrooms, an on-site caterer and tons of custom options, we can help you find the best ideas for your budget wedding reception or no-limits springtime wedding planning. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to get a FREE estimate on planning a reception in New England at The Crystal Room or to schedule a tour of our facility. Our team of event coordinators can help you with every stage of your wedding reception planning and assist in creating the wedding celebration of your dreams!