Typical Wedding Costs in Milford, MA: Avoiding Surprise Fees

wedding-costs-surprise-feesNo matter where you plan your wedding or reserve space to stage a wedding reception, there are going to be some costs that you might not know about in advance. Working with an event coordinator at your reception location can help you to avoid some of the surprise, but it is important to know that there will be some hidden fees. It is best to plan for some wiggle room in your budget to cover some of these surprise costs. While it will be more cost-effective to get married at reception locations in Milford, MA instead of out on the Cape or in New York City, you still need to be prepared for a bit of sticker shock throughout the process.

Streamline Planning & Control Your Budget
Some of the costs associated with planning a wedding reception can be easily planned out in one flat rate if you book your event at The Crystal Room. Our wedding package includes a lot of the expenses that you would have to dole out separately to off-site vendors, plus everything is coordinated and handled in-house. Some of the services included in the wedding package at The Crystal Room include:

  • five hour use of the facility (many limit you to 3-4 hours maximum)
  • floor length ivory linens with choice of napkin colors
  • champagne toast for all guests
  • four course plated meal
  • cake cutting service and cake enhancement
  • complimentary food tasting for the bride & groom
  • preparation services with a personal event coordinator

Additional services can be added to this basic package at The Crystal Room including the exclusive use of The Crystal & Murano Room, which can be transformed into a private bridal suite with a photo wall, chaise lounge, private bathroom and full-length mirror. Choose to add an open bar that is based on consumption, a seating board, passed hors D’oeuvres, a multi-tiered flowing beverage fountain, ambient up-lighting, a custom monogram, an interactive photo booth opportunity, centerpieces for the tables, custom invitations, chair covers and sashes, limousine service, a complete floral package, a custom wedding cake and other must-have wedding extras.

Know What You are Getting Into
Weddings are expensive – that’s a fact. When you start thinking about all of the reception entertainment ideas and wedding reception activities that you want to incorporate, those costs can go through the roof. When you start working together to stage a wedding reception, make sure that you understand that hidden or unknown costs can add up to 25-30 percent of the overall wedding costs. The more you know and take time to learn about what those costs can be ahead of time, the less likely you will be to get surprised when the bill comes.

  • Service Fees & Gratuities – Ask the reception locations in Milford, MA about any service fees or gratuities that will be included in with the bill for staff members. Other vendors can charge these fees as well, including DJs, bands, cake services, florists and just about any other type of service you can think of for your wedding. Caterers, bartenders, servers – when you stage a wedding reception at The Crystal Room, make sure to ask for a complete estimate that includes these fees.
  • Taxes – Depending on the state that you are in when you are planning your reception and reception entertainment ideas, the taxes might be higher than you are used to in your home state. Reception locations in Milford, MA and the vendors that service them will charge taxes based upon the tax laws and requirements here in Massachusetts. Whether that figure is larger or smaller than your home state, it is important to know the difference. Ask each vendor or service provider to give you an estimate that includes taxes.
  • Furniture & Linens – If you don’t take the package wedding deal at The Crystal Room, you could wind up paying a lot of money to vendors for delivery, set-up, rental and deposits on furniture and linens. Tables, chairs, tablecloths, napkins, runners, chair covers, sashes and much more – it all adds up. Make sure to also ask about the delivery costs, allowed time rental and any additional fees that might be charged throughout the process.
  • Lighting – If you want specialty lighting for your event you may end up paying thousands of dollars just to have it added. When you stage a wedding reception, you tend to not think about things like colored lighting, spotlights for the first dance and other stage lighting for the band. Make sure to ask vendors when hiring out wedding reception activities and reception entertainment ideas about costs for lighting services and how much they will add to your bill.

Contact The Crystal Room for Details
If you are interested in checking out our reception locations in Milford, MA for your wedding reception, give us a call at 508-478-7800. Our team can help you stage a wedding reception from start to finish, assist in your reception entertainment ideas and planning – even assist in suggesting wedding reception activities. Make sure to call our office to schedule a tour of the facility or to get a FREE custom quote for your special day.