Unique Guest Favors for Wedding Reception Ideas in Woonsocket

Woonsocket Wedding PlansWhen you think about the wedding favors that you have received over the years, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a tastefully crafted gift that reflected the theme of the wedding reception activities and decor, or was it something that fell flat? Unfortunately, people always remember the best favors for Massachusetts wedding receptions – and the worst. You could shoot for somewhere in the middle to play it safe, especially if you are hosting a budget wedding reception, or go over the top and choose something extravagant that will really “wow” your guests. Wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket can range from traditional to modern, depending on your goals for this special day. Even if you aren’t working with a professional wedding planner, there are plenty of resources online that you can use for inspiration.

Sweet Treats

One way to get your guests excited about your favors is to provide a sweet treat. Choose packaging, custom wrappers, or unique combinations that reflect the theme of your wedding. Whatever you do, avoid picking those pastel-colored Jordan almonds or hard shell chocolate candies at any cost. These treats are beyond overdone and many couples are disappointed to discover that most guests don’t even take them home.

Some sweet ideas to consider include:

  • custom cookies baked by a local bakery
  • colorful macarons that reflect the hues of your wedding
  • handmade candies, cookies or treats with a personal touch
  • dipped Oreos with colorful coatings and decorations
  • boxed chocolates or candies with your couple monogram or initial
  • premium caramel apples decorated according to season or theme
  • keepsake jars of honey, jam, or hot fudge

Interactive “Gifts”

Instead of a bunch of items that your guests probably won’t ever use, consider interactive favors for Massachusetts wedding receptions. A photo booth with photo strips that are customized with the wedding date, location, and other essential information. Custom cocktails that are created especially for your wedding to reflect the theme, season, or the bride and groom in some way.

Some examples include a do-it-yourself (DIY) ice cream sundae bar, a candy bar with vintage delights, or a specialty station with fresh-made donuts, shave ice, cotton candy, or some other fun treat for everyone to enjoy. Consider bringing in a popular food truck to serve late night snacks to your guests after dinner and dancing. Just make sure to go over your wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket with the venue to get information on insurance requirements for outside vendors.

Custom Favor Ideas

Outside of food and other fun treats, there are other personalized gifts that you can give as favors for a Massachusetts wedding. Whether you are hosting a budget wedding reception or have a lot stashed away for wedding reception activities, decorations, and gifts, many of these favor ideas are quite affordable. Plants, charitable gifts, wildflower seeds, bouquets of lavender, mini bottles of champagne, and custom drink coasters are just a few examples.

Outdoor ceremonies could benefit from parasols, old-fashioned paper fans, and bottled water. Many of your guests would also appreciate other extras, such as sunglasses, flip-flops, or comfortable socks for dancing the night away. Personalized cocktail glasses, copper cups, drink cozies, hangover kits, mini fruit baskets, custom coffee cups, and specialty coffee beans are just a few more ideas for you to consider.

Choose the Best Venue

Before you even start picking favors for Massachusetts wedding receptions, be sure to secure the best venue for your theme, guest list, and budget. Wedding reception activities, staging, decorations, and outside vendors or entertainers should also be considered when picking the best reception location. Wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket can vary from the extravagant to a more budget wedding reception, so make sure to pick a place where you can host the wedding of your dreams in style.

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