Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Fotolia_46183672_XSThe wedding entertainment is very important, otherwise you would have guests sitting at the tables during the reception, thinking about dinner rather than what they are there for. No one wants their wedding or their reception to be a snooze-fest. Of course, the actual wedding music is expected to be a beautiful representation of the love that the bride and groom share, so people usually expect some piano action and some beautiful singing. Some do choose to change it up to their favorite rock songs or they come up with a unique idea that entertains the guests during the ceremony.

The reception is the big party, however, and you want to keep people there. You want them to eat, have cake, have some drinks, and stick around and celebrate before everyone goes home and continues on with their lives. From the wedding music to whatever else you choose to entertain your guests, you want to make sure that you have the best. So here are some ideas to give you a little inspiration:


  • Some people go to a wedding not knowing how to dance. You can hire a dance instructor to come to the reception and teach the guests a fun dance that they all can do together. This is something that can really loosen the guests up, as they are all learning the dance rather than some already knowing it and some not.
  • Have a kid friendly wedding by inviting children too. This is something that works well for couples that may already have children from previous relationships. To make it fun for the kids, their friends can be invited so that they can have a fun memory of their parent’s wedding. Bouncy houses, air hockey, video games, popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, and other things that kids love will be a great touch because adults love those things too.
  • Hire a wedding DJ that can play action movie music and you and your spouse can pretend that you are in one. One couple that did this hired a helicopter to buzz by the wedding before the bride walked down the aisle, giving the illusion that she was dropped off by the top secret agency that she worked for.
  • You can also have your wedding DJ conduct a roast. This is where the bride and groom can get roasted by the guests. Then again, the DJ can tell the story of how the bride and groom met and got engaged from his or her own perspective and give the guests some really great laughs.
  • Hire some dessert trucks at the end of the party so that the guests can go outside and enjoy crepes, ice cream, and other goodies. This gives the guests and any kids attending quite the special treat. This can be quite the surprise as the party is ending, allowing guests to take a little food home with them. This makes the food the entertainment.
  • Wedding reception games are also a lot of fun as long as you have some prizes that you can give. You can conduct drawings, play card games at the table, play word games, and so much more. This is something that adults and young people can thoroughly enjoy.

Then again, you can combine some of these ideas and have quite the extravaganza at your wedding. It is entirely up to you what you do and how you do it so that you can have the wedding that everyone will remember. Remember that wedding entertainment is not always about the wedding music, as it can consist of anything that you think is going to be fun. You can have one type of wedding entertainment or you can opt for a little bit of everything so that you have things that appeal to all types of guests. While some may want to hit the dance floor, others may wish to partake in the cotton candy machine or join a card game happening on the other side of the room as they enjoy the food and taking in everything happening around them.

At the end of the day, you can be satisfied that you had a wedding that everyone will never forget. That may be evident by the fact that a fun wedding is one where the guests stick around the longest.


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