Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

pink wedding invitation setWedding invitations set the tone for what your wedding is going to be like. This is why it is good to have your wedding colors and theme picked out beforehand so your invitations can coincide with the theme. That way you can send invitations that are more of a breath of fresh air than something that blends together with all of the other invitations that find themselves in the mail.

When sending out your wedding invitations, it is very important that the invitees know the date, time, and the place of the wedding. It is also a must to give them an invitation that is crafted in a way that represents the uniqueness of you and your fiancé, as well as your personalities. However, it can be difficult to create an invitation that looks great and gives your guests the information they need to attend the ceremony. That is why it can be beneficial to have some ideas to work with. Some of those ideas are:

  1. The “balloon” save the date notice – Attach a balloon to the save the date. Make sure they know to blow up the balloon because, when they blow it up, they will see the date that the wedding will be had. The rest of the details regarding the wedding will be sent with the actual invitation.
  2. Invitation boxes – These are small boxes that have the wedding details inside. The actual invitation in letter form can be included, a notice about the reception, and the RSVP cards can be included. Couples may even opt to include something special, such as packets of spices or exotic teas. The invitation boxes are small and everything can be folded to fit accordingly. This will be memorable for your guests.
  3. Viewmaster wedding invitations – You can have Viewmaster cartridges made with the wedding details on them. You can also have photos of you and your fiancé included on the cartridge to make it more about you. These make for very unique wedding invitations.
  4. Laser cut wood wedding invitations – If you like the rustic wood look or you and your fiancé are an eco-friendly couple, these eco-friendly wedding invitations are memorable. Laser cut wood looks sophisticated and it is a lasting keepsake for those that receive it.
  5. Handkerchief wedding invitations – These could also be considered eco-friendly wedding invitations because of the fact that they do not use paper. Instead, the wedding details are printed onto a handkerchief, making it something that the recipients will not necessarily want to throw away.
  6. Dangle wedding invitation boxes – These wedding invitation boxes are very unique in that they have the actual invitation attached to the lid and the bottom of the box. It unfolds like an accordion, allowing it to be hung up. There is a lot of room for creativity.
  7. Origami wedding invitations – Origami has been popular for a very long time, making an origami wedding invitation the perfect way to relay the message to friends and family. Chances are, your invitees are going to have a lot of fun opening the invitation.
  8. Candle wedding invitation boxes – There are candle wedding invitation boxes that look like boxes, but they turn into candles when pulled apart. Inside is a small votive and details about the big day.
  9. Countdown wedding invitations – these unique wedding invitations look like clocks. It can be adjusted each day to count down the days to the wedding. This is a fun, interactive way to make it to the big day.
  10. Origami map invitations – For those couples that like to travel, enclosing a paper invitation inside of an origami map. You may even want to mark the location on the map so those needing directions know exactly where they are going.

All of these unique wedding invitations are special ways in which you can tell your invitees about the big day. You can choose invitations that match your style, make your own to coincide with your personality, or simply create something that everyone is going to have fun with. It is entirely up to you. From eco-friendly wedding invitations to those that move away from traditional paper, there is an idea out there that will allow you to step away from the traditional wedding invitation and move toward something that you will always be remembered by.