Wedding Flower Checklist: What You Need for Your MA Wedding

One of the most important purchases that you’ll make for wedding decor and accessories will be through the florist. While most soon-to-be brides know about and plan for the bridal bouquet and the bouquets that the bridesmaids will carry down the aisle, there isn’t a lot of information or knowledge about the other flowers that are usually needed for their special day. This article will give you a complete breakdown of all the flowers that you’ll need from the bridal bouquet to the wedding hall decorations and everything in between.

While the flowers listed here and the categories are typically seen at weddings all across Massachusetts and around the country, they aren’t required. Pick and choose the flowers you’ll need based upon the number of guests you’ll have, the theme of your wedding, the number of people in your wedding party and of course, your budget. For wedding receptions in Milford, Massachusetts, check out prices at your local florist, ask the manager at the wedding reception hall for referrals to wedding florist specialists and look into lower-cost alternatives if you want to save some money.

The Bridal Party

In addition to the bridal bouquet there are quite a few flowers to think about getting for the rest of the bridal party. These include the bouquet that you will carry down the aisle as well as the “throw-away” bouquet. Some brides get a second bouquet so they can save the one that they carry during the ceremony as a keepsake. A special bouquet apart from the bridesmaids bouquets should be purchased for the maid of honor. This bouquet should include flowers more similar to the bridal bouquet or in a different color scheme than what the bridesmaids carry.

Boutonnieres will need to be purchased for the groom, the best man and the rest of the groomsmen in the wedding party. The flowers used in these boutonnieres should match or at least complement what the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids flowers contain. For example, purple bouquets for the bridesmaids should include a single purple bloom made into a boutonniere for the men. You don’t need to go overboard, just make sure that the flowers you choose work with all of the clothing that you have chosen for the wedding party.

Flowers will be needed for the flower girl. Some brides choose to order a floral crown for the flower girl to wear in addition to the flower petals that will be dropped on the way into the ceremony. A boutonniere should also be purchased for the ring bearer as well as any ushers that you might have that match what the groomsmen will be wearing.

Corsages and Boutonnieres for “Special Someones”

Corsages should be ordered for the special people in your lives. The mother and/or step-mother of the bride and groom, grandmothers of the bride and groom, godmothers and any aunts that are particularly involved in your lives or in the planning of your wedding. Be careful not to leave anyone out if you decide to widen the circle beyond parents and grand-parents to avoid offending anyone or causing hurt feelings.

Some people are closer to an aunt than a grandmother, so you will need to evaluate the corsages you purchased based upon your own personal experience and not on some set list you’ve downloaded from the Internet. You can also purchase corsages for any females that you hire or enlist to help out during your ceremony and reception, such as soloists, attendants for your guest book, personal assistants, wedding planners, readers or anyone else that is special to you and your groom.

Boutonnieres can be purchased for the father and/or step-father of the bride and groom, the grandfathers of the bride and groom, godfathers and any uncles that are particularly involves in your lives or in the planning of your wedding. Again, extra boutonnieres can be ordered for any males that you hire or enlist to help out, such as guest book attendants, soloists, candle lighters, wedding planners, readers or anyone else that is special to you and your groom.

Ceremony Flowers

Flowers that are needed for the ceremony will include any arrangements you want for the altar, the main entrance and along the pews or seating area down the processional aisle. Bows can also be used for the pews and seating, as well as longer ribbons or rope to keep everyone out of the aisle when it comes time to walk down for the ceremony. Choose flowers that either match or complement the flowers that you use in the bouquets and boutonnieres for your wedding party. The colors chosen should also carry through from the ceremony to the reception hall for the wedding reception centerpieces and wedding hall decorations.

Wedding Hall Decorations

Your guests will spend more time at the wedding reception than at the ceremony, so you’ll want to make sure that you really deck out the venue with wedding hall decorations that support the colors and theme of your wedding. You’ll want wedding reception centerpieces for the tables, including a special centerpiece for the head table where the bride, groom and wedding party will be seated, in addition to centerpieces to adorn all of the guest tables.

Cake table flowers will also be needed to adorn both the cake and the table itself. This is a primary photo opportunity spot throughout the entire wedding reception, all the way to the point where you cut and serve the cake. Cake table flowers should also complement your wedding colors and reception theme as much as possible. Some brides choose cake table flowers that also complement the design of the wedding cake itself.

Additional flowers can also be purchased and used to adorn the guestbook table, the gift book table, the place card table and the rest rooms. Again, it’s up to you and your budget how far you want to go with the wedding hall decorations and floral pieces. You can also add wedding reception centerpieces and other floral decorations to the buffet table and the bar.

Watch Your Budget

When choosing the flowers for your wedding ceremony and wedding hall decorations, make sure to pay close attention to your budget. In addition to ordering flowers from local florists for wedding receptions in Milford, Massachusetts area or anywhere in the region, make sure to check out lower-cost alternatives. For example, some of the large warehouse stores offer wedding flower kits, which include all of the materials you’ll need to create the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and boutonnieres for your wedding. Prices are a fraction of the cost for ordering flowers from your local florist, however you are limited in choices of color and type of blooms available.