Wedding Invitations 101: Wedding Reception in the Boston Area

Greater Boston Wedding InvitationsPerhaps one of the most important aspects of planning any event is finding a fitting way to invite all of your guests to attend. When it comes to wedding invitations, there is no shortage of the different styles, varieties, designs, colors, and themes that are available for couples these days. You could plan anything from a traditional, classic wedding reception in the Boston area to a modern, trendy farmhouse theme with all the bells and whistles. Whatever your theme, make sure to get everything set for your Boston area wedding venue before you start making the invitations. The theme and the venue that you choose should have a significant impact on the type of invitations you send and when you mail them to your guests.

Step One: Best Time to Send Invitations

When it comes to a wedding, most invites will go out between six and eight weeks before the wedding. If they go out too much sooner than that, people tend to forget or set the invitation aside, thinking they have a lot of time to plan on going. If they go out too much later than that, people will already have other plans made and might not be able to attend. If you have a lot of out-of-town guests or people who will need a longer time period to plan, consider sending out a “save the date” card. This type of invitation informs the guests about the chosen date for the wedding so they can mark their calendars and watch for the official invitation with all the details to arrive in the near future. This can be done six to eight months in advance.

Step Two: Pick an RSVP Date

Guests need a deadline to report back to you regarding attendance. Speak with the Boston area banquet hall about their requirements for a final head count so you can provide accurate numbers. Remember, most venues will charge “per head,” so if guests cannot attend, you need to know. Most couples will ask for two to three weeks before the wedding date. This gives time to advise the caterer about any significant changes and help you in the finalization of your seating chart. Keep a list of guests and check off those who have responded with the RSVP via mail or email and take time to contact guests directly if you don’t receive notification by the deadline.

Step Three: Important Wedding Details

When it comes time to start creating your invitations, make sure to include all of the important details that will help guests know what to expect and when to arrive. Many couples are building wedding websites that guests can use for everything from detailed Google map directions to updates on gift registries, attire requirements, and more. However, you should also include at least basic information in your invitations for those who might not be comfortable going online for details. The location name and address, the date and time, the type of attire (formal, semi-formal, black-tie, cocktail, etc.), and instructions about plus-ones, kids, or anything else you need to include are most important. Separate RSVP card and pre-stamped envelope should be included, as well as a different card with wedding registry information for gifts.

Step Four: Handling Extra Guests

Depending on your budget, the size of the venue, and the individual, you may need to advise guests that they cannot invite a plus-one. If you receive an RSVP back with an extra name added or a response that Bob and Mary will be attending “with kids” and you didn’t invite the children, you will want to call them. For small, intimate weddings, you may want to restrict the plus-one option and invite solo guests if they are not in a serious relationship. Make sure to contact anyone who writes an extra name in or simply adds “plus one” to their RSVP. However, if you realize that all of your other guests will have a significant other with them, save for one or two, you might extend that option to that one or two, so they are not alone.

Step Five: Printed vs. Hand-Written

You could spend thousands of dollars having your invitations hand-written by a professional calligrapher. However, there are many beautiful options available for printing these days that can be done in just about any theme. The choice is yours, but if you are looking to save a bit on invitations and decor so you can focus on reception menu ideas and staging for the Boston area wedding venue, you might want to skip the calligrapher. However, when it comes to addressing the envelopes, you will want to have the assistance of someone with beautiful and consistent handwriting who can help. Well-written envelopes and invitations will ensure the best attendance at your wedding reception in the Boston area.

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