Wedding Reception Games to Keep Guests Happy

Fotolia_69931938_XSWhen it comes to your big day, what is important is that you have a great day. Because you have so much to focus on, one of the things that is difficult to pay a lot of attention to is whether or not all of your guests are having a good time. This is why it can pay for you to plan ahead for ways for your guests to have a good time or put the bridesmaid or maid of honor in charge of doing fun things for the guests.

Some ideas that you can use? You can choose wedding reception games, fun décor, photobooths, and other fun things that will make the guests feel that their presence is as valued as it is. There are so many great ways you can use to keep your guests happy from wedding reception table games to games that bring them up on their feet.

A Unique Twist On The Photobooth

Photobooths are great, but you can add a unique twist to make it different and interesting for your guests. While your guests are taking photos, there are many ways to get them talking to one another. One of the best ways to do this is to put up a chalkboard and have them write wedding advice on it as they are moving in and out of the photobooth. They are going to be reflecting upon their own experiences, which will help you get a lot of smart marriage advice to start your life together with.

Appropriate Wedding Reception Games

Something that many wrestle with is whether or not the games that they choose for a wedding reception are appropriate. This is why there are many brides that simply choose not to take the route of reception games. It is true that you want to consider who the guests are and whether or not they will enjoy games. Even if it is just half to a majority of them, those not playing will most likely still be entertained.

Such appropriate games are those that involve wedding words or guessing games. These are great table games. Perhaps you can leave a deck of cards at each table so that everyone can converse and play a game. There are some gaming-themed weddings in which the reception is one large Blackjack tournament with the winners receiving a prize.

If you want to get everyone on their feet, a dance contest may be something that everyone will really enjoy. There are so many games for wedding guests that you can implement. Also consider your Massachusetts wedding venue and the space that you have to help you determine what sorts of games will suit the space.

A Fun Seating Chart

One fun game that you can play is putting something under the table or the chair. Make a fun seating chart, but have a random person from your wedding party place numbers under the seats. You can then draw numbers for prizes and then have everyone find their numbers under their seats to see if they won. People of all ages love this type of suspense, so it is something that you can use to make the wedding reception even more fun.

Another type of wedding reception table game is one where you can roll some die and those that roll a specific number can stand up. You can then continue this process until it is narrowed down to one person with that person winning a prize. The die also makes great wedding favors. Since you can more or less customize anything and everything, you can have them customized to match your big day.

Use Your Imagination

You can also use your imagination. If you have ever seen a game or you have a great idea for a game that can keep the guests entertained, then go for it. The idea is for everyone to laugh, have fun, and give away some free things. Games are a great way to show your guests that you appreciate them sharing your big day with you. You can also turn your game pieces, such as die or playing cards, into wedding favors that they can remember the fun they had or even use them when they want to relive the experience.


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