Wedding Reception Menu Ideas for the Modern Providence Bride

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about being a modern bride, is the ability to pick and choose all of the events, decor, music and food that you want without feeling that you have to stick to tradition. Gone are the boring RSVP invitations with simple “chicken or beef” selections for guests. Today’s bride knows that the best way to create a memorable wedding reception is to think outside the box and explore roads less traveled when it comes to modern reception menu ideas.

Theme Bars
If you are going to be serving cocktails, then its in your best interest to use this opportunity to carry the overall theme of your wedding on into the bar. A Hawaiian theme wedding could include tons of fruity cocktails with little umbrellas and tropical flower garnishes. A vintage wedding could include classic drinks from the 20s and 30s that most people today have never tried. Consider including non-alcoholic “mocktail” versions for guests who don’t want the alcohol, but want to immerse themselves in the theme. Drinks that complement your wedding reception menu and theme will be appreciated and get people into the spirit of the party that you have planned.

The Donut “Cake”
Yep, you heard that right – donut bars. Who doesn’t love donuts? Why stick with a traditional tower of white cake and frosting when you can “cut” a giant tower of donuts with your groom? A fun tongue-in-cheek idea for law enforcement or for folks who just love donuts. Did you meet in line at Dunkin’ Donuts? Contact your local store to see if you can get Dunkin’ cups or napkins to serve with your tower of treats.

Breakfast Wedding Reception Buffet
For brides that are getting married early in the day, opting to serve a late breakfast or brunch to your guests could be a great non-traditional, yet fun solution. Imagine a wedding reception buffet full of pancakes, a hot waffle bar, tons of syrups, eggs, hash browns, a tower of blueberry muffins and much more. Look for a local caterer in Providence or other nearby locations that specializes in serving breakfast foods.

Signature Drinks or Foods
It’s your special day, why not have a drink or food item named after you and your groom? Speak with your caterer about adding some of your personality into your wedding reception menu ideas. Do you have a spicy personality? How about some fiery enchiladas named after you and your sweetie? Or a special drink that embodies a passion that you share? Or reminds you of a special point in your relationship?

Pizza Buffet
There’s no reason why you can’t have your favorite foods as a special wedding reception buffet. Create a special pizza buffet menu that includes plain cheese, veggie options and a variety of unique flavors, crust-types and seasonings that will appeal to all your guests. You can even have a special all-white pizza, which is all the rage now from coast to coast, in honor of you and your groom to ensure that you don’t get red sauce all over your gown.

Ethnic and Cultural Foods
Whether you or your groom have an ethnic or cultural heritage that you want to celebrate on your special day, or if you just have an affinity for all things Italian, Mexican, Polish or Jamaican, it can be fun to incorporate unique foods into your wedding reception menu. Ask your caterer for fun ethnic and cultural reception menu ideas that can add a little flavor to your party.

Vintage Wedding Reception Menu
So you’re a modern bride, but you want to create a vintage atmosphere for your wedding reception. Forget the 50s, 60s and 70s, it’s all about going back to the 20s, 30s and 40s. Think classic reception menu ideas with a modern twist. Bring the theme of your vintage wedding all the way to the reception hall as you celebrate your new life together. Quaint little tea cookies, classic cakes, chic menu items and finger foods. Speak with your local caterer in Providence to find out if they have any experience cooking for specific eras or if they are open to trying some unique recipes.

Organic and Sustainable
Looking for a healthier, more sustainable way to celebrate your love? Look for caterers that provide organic menu items using local, sustainable ingredients and share your thoughts on supporting local farms and providers with your family and friends. Think beyond serving organic greens and free-range chicken, there’s a whole world of foods to explore – this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. You can even get organic wines, champagnes and other drinks to serve at your wedding reception, as well as organic, non-GMO wedding cakes and other wedding reception menu necessities.

Whatever your tastes, interests, style or budget, today’s modern bride has a lot more choices for reception menu ideas than brides had just a few short years ago. Thanks to the Internet and an ever-expanding list of options for local caterers in Providence, Milford, Boston and all throughout the region, your wedding and reception in Milford, Massachussetts can be anything you want it to be.