Massachusetts Wedding Couples: What to Look for in Your Wedding DJ

Wedding DJAfter the wedding ceremony, it is time to party at the wedding reception. This event is a major part of the wedding day. There is food, drink, and there is music. In the U.S., it has become quite common to use a DJ to emcee at wedding reception to play the music. This makes having a DJ one of the best wedding ideas you can have and finding the right DJ for your wedding reception very important. When considering all of your options for your wedding from wedding venues to packages that these venues offer, you’ll find that choosing the proper DJ is a much more important decision than what you may have initially thought. In fact, there are different ways to locate a DJ and the process can be quite methodical.

Why Having a Wedding DJ is Important

DJs are important because their music selection and the announcements they make during the reception can set the tone. It is the music that will get everyone up on their feet and dancing around rather than sitting in the same spot the entire time.

So what you want to do is check out wedding DJs in Massachusetts so you can choose from a few. You can then interview each of them so you know which one is going to fit your needs the most.

Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

Here are some questions that you will want to ask a wedding DJ before you hire them:

  • Why are you a DJ? You want your DJ to have a passion for sharing music and creating experiences for people. A good DJ will make these two things a priority. It is important to know why they are a DJ since anyone can buy the equipment and say they’re a DJ. However, not everyone delivers the right flow and expert song selection.
  • Which songs do you favor for weddings? You can learn a lot about a DJ based on the songs they like to play for weddings. Have you heard their preferred song at every wedding you’ve ever attended? Do they mostly play country when you’re rock? If the suggested songs are not your cup of tea, let them know. A professional DJ will go above and beyond to find the songs that will work well for your reception.
  • How many weddings have you been a DJ at? Don’t worry if your DJ hasn’t done a thousand or even a hundred weddings. You want to know that they have DJed at least 10 weddings. If number of weddings is not an issue, then consider the number of events they have DJs. If they are a DJ that the wedding venue has done business with a lot, then they are likely very experienced.
  • Do you have an assistant? It can be worth the extra cost to pay for a DJ who has an assistant because you don’t have to worry about your DJ taking restroom breaks that can interfere with the music.
  • What if you can’t make it to the event? Good DJs have a contingency plan. Many of them will have backup DJs and a system in place that allows for them to tell their replacement what you need at your wedding.
  • Do you have photos of your setup? Not every DJ is alike and that means that they are going to have different setups. Some have light-up panels, while others have smaller setups.

Considering Entertainment Packages

Entertainment packages can be worth considering because they sometimes come with wedding venues, especially those that specialize in weddings. Wedding venues can also offer their entertainment packages as standalone services. You can look into this, as you are provided with a professional DJ and a large song selection. The DJ may be available for both the ceremony and the reception. If having a DJ for both the ceremony and the reception is important to you, it can be worthwhile to ask the wedding venue if the DJ can do so or ask the DJ that you pick how much they would charge to play both the ceremony and the reception. There are wedding DJs in Massachusetts that may have packages where they do both.

All in all, choosing the right DJ is important. It is one of the best wedding ideas that you can have because it will help your guests get through the entire event and have fun while doing it. You’ll also be able to create memories that will last you a lifetime, especially since this is a day that will never be able to be repeated.


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