What You Need to Know: Planning an Autumn New England Wedding

Autumn Wedding New EnglandFall weddings are fun – and fickle. Reception decorations in Massachusetts are easy this time of year. It’s almost as if Mother Nature took time to colorize the world just for your special day. Cooler temperatures make it a lot more fun than a hot summer wedding, but rainy weather and the occasional freak flurry storm could put a damper on outdoor festivities. Instead of gambling on the forecast, make sure to scout out wedding reception locations near Pawtucket for your New England wedding. Outdoor photos can be taken before or after the ceremony or even on a different day of the weather does not cooperate. When you stage a wedding reception that focuses on the season, make sure to integrate as many natural elements as possible to really bring the theme home.

Be Considerate With Dates

The only thing that you need to be wary about when planning a fall wedding is to steer clear of holidays and holiday weekends. However, that being said, if the only time your family gets together is during the holidays, a Thanksgiving weekend wedding might be the best way to increase attendance. There are other holidays as well, from Labor Day to Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day to Black Friday. Just make sure to think about your guest lists and anticipate days when you might not be able to get the most important people on your guest list to celebrate your marriage.

Reception Decoration Ideas

Planning an event at wedding reception locations near Pawtucket in the fall is like hitting the jackpot for decorative ideas. Reception decorations in Massachusetts can range from a subtle integration of leaves and fall colors to a full-blown seasonal event with pumpkins, cotton, wheat, and candy apples for favors. It all depends on how much autumn you want to include in your special day and what you choose for your wedding colors. A fall wedding doesn’t have to be bright oranges and dark browns. It can include lots of other unique hues, such as copper, apple red, jewel tones, dusty purples and mauves, evergreen, and sparkly accents. Think outside the box to create a unique look and feel for your special day.

Be Kind to Your Wedding Party

Because you are hosting a New England wedding in the fall, make sure to plan on something warm for your wedding party. Comfortable floor-length dresses with coordinating wraps can help keep your bridesmaids from freezing during photos, walking down the aisle, and during transportation from the ceremony to the wedding reception location. Avoid sleeveless or tank-style wedding dresses and consider long sleeve options if your wedding will be in late October through November. For the groomsmen, adding a touch of fall to a classic tuxedo or suit can be enough to bring it home. Plaid ties or argyle socks, smart navy or gray suits, and other fun accessories can bring your color palette and theme into play.

Fall Floral Suggestions

You are planning to stage a wedding reception in the fall because you love the season, so why not embrace the season fully when it comes to flowers. Instead of traditional roses and baby’s breath, consider full-bloom garden roses, dahlias, marigolds, sunflowers, and other seasonal blooms in bouquets and centerpieces. The colors can coordinate with reception decorations in Massachusetts or stand out in festive shades of orange, gold, and red. Seasonal berries, pine cones, acorns, and evergreen ferns as filler can add a touch of color to your bouquets and centerpieces while maintaining the timely theme.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Another great way to integrate the season into your options for wedding reception locations near Pawtucket is to use fall flavors in your wedding cake. Choose a rustic style of decor with drizzles of color or a rich ganache to continue the theme into your dessert offering. Naked cakes have been popular for a few years now and would look beautiful with natural decorations, such as fall stone fruits and florals. Flavors can range from the obvious, including pumpkin and apple; or extend to surprising tastes like gingerbread, maple, and red velvet. For even more variety, some couples are choosing to serve a different flavor for each tier and tie it together with a common frosting. Caramel, buttercream, and cream cheese are neutral enough, yet seasonally appealing, to use with these types of cakes.

Reserve the Venue ASAP

If you are planning a New England wedding in the fall, make sure to put down a deposit and sign a contract to reserve the space as soon as you choose a date. While spring is a popular wedding season in most locations, the fall foliage of Southeastern Massachusetts makes it extremely attractive to brides from all across the country. Destination weddings are still trending, so you’re not just competing with local brides in the Southcoast region, but from other parts of the country as well. If you would like to schedule a tour of The Crystal Room for your upcoming wedding, give us a call at 508-478-7800. We can answer any questions you might have or provide information about availability for your desired date.