What’s a Classic Wedding? Planning a Reception in New England

Classic wedding in MassachusettsIn the simplest of terms, a “classic” wedding would be timeless in style and steeped in tradition. A church wedding surrounded by family and friends, a marriage between well-matched best friends, a white wedding gown and black tuxedo – everything you would imagine for the perfect American wedding. When choosing reception locations in Milford, MA, it is important to find a venue where you can stage a wedding reception according to your style and needs. Whether you want an elegant backdrop or a well-appointed facility, choose the best place for your classic wedding reception based on the design, location, options, and budget.

The Season

What’s the best time of year for a classic wedding? Tradition typically shows spring and summertime weddings; however, it is possible to have a traditional wedding any time of year. In fact, it can be easier to find venues or even get better deals on wedding services during the “off-season” in New England. However, it is still recommended to choose a venue first and secure it right away when planning a wedding reception. Choice dates go quickly, so be prepared to have a couple of dates in mind just in case. Try to avoid holidays and holiday weekends, as that might restrict the number of guests that can attend.

Wedding Colors

When it comes time to choose the wedding colors for your special day, don’t be afraid to pick colors that reflect your interests and style. Choose traditional hues, such as whites, pastel shades, and classic combinations. Tour the venue to see if there are any prominent colors, and incorporate them into the overall color palette to create a well-rounded backdrop for your special day. Stay away from neon colors, trendy combinations, or anything that might not be relevant 20 or 30 years from now. Just think about all those wedding photos with trendy colors and styles from the 1970s and 1980s!

A combination of neutral colors, including white, black, ivory, gray, and beige; along with a signature color can create a beautiful statement. Accent colors can also be used to prevent a monochrome look and feel. Popular options for spring and summer include fresh shades of light green, purple, peach, pale blue, pink, and light orange. Classic winter hues include navy blue, black, red, silver, forest green, and gold.

Decor Style

When planning a reception in New England, it is important to consult with the venue about how best to stage a wedding reception. Reception locations in Milford, MA will often supply basic decorations to help get you started and save you money on your classic wedding reception. The Crystal Room offers a Custom Wedding Package that includes tables, chairs, basic linens, and even allows for the addition of professional centerpieces, ambient uplighting, and other custom options. You can mix in a variety of flowers, favors, and luxury table items to round out the look and reflect your style or theme.

Some examples of classic wedding decor include fine china, votive candles (LED), table runners, Chiavari chairs, fabric swags, and other elements. Hand-select each item to create a cohesive, sophisticated, and elegant look and feel for your wedding day. Accents, such as lace, pearls, rhinestones, and even fresh fruit, can be used to create a complete design theme.

Wedding Party Attire

In a classic wedding reception, the formality can vary depending on the decor and the venue. Be very specific about the type of dress code that you want for the wedding party, family of the couple, and your guests, right from the beginning. Black-tie, semi-formal, and even color-specific events can be well-suited for a variety of reception locations in Milford, MA. Ball gowns, minimal white dresses, puffy tulle dresses – also embroidered or lace gowns are all great choices for the bride and her wedding party. Some brides choose hairstyles or hairstyle themes for their bridesmaids as well to create a cohesive look.

Tour The Crystal Room

If you are looking for a beautiful venue for your classic wedding reception in Southern New England, consider The Crystal Room. Our staff can help you with your plans to stage a wedding reception, select a menu, choose the right decor, and include all of the other elements necessary to host a beautiful celebration. When looking at reception locations in Milford, MA and the surrounding area, make sure to include The Crystal Room in your list of prospective venues. Our facility was recently renovated in 2014 and has all of the space, amenities, parking, and options you need to host the traditional or modern wedding of your dreams!