Where to Find the Best Milford Venue for an Engagement Party

One of the best ways to give support to family members or friends who have recently become engaged is to host a formal engagement party. There are a lot of tips online for etiquette to make wedding plans, host receptions, bridal showers and traditions on who pays for what, but you won’t find a lot of information about engagement party planning. You don’t have to be a family member, and you don’t even have to be asked to be a best man or maid of honor; if you want to host a party, all you need to do is ask the couple for their approval.

Party Venues in Southeastern Massachusetts
You can start your hunt for reception locations in Milford, MA by visiting The Crystal Room. While we have earned a solid reputation for being one of the best places in the area for wedding reception plans, we also provide space for engagement parties, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, and much more. Our Milford party venue has plenty of space for you and all your guests, lots of on-site parking, and we are conveniently located – just a minute off the I-495.

The Crystal Room also has a lot of great amenities that you can use to your advantage, such as a full audio-visual department with flat screen televisions to show a photo slideshow during the party and microphones to make toasts for everyone to hear. There is also plenty of space for a DJ or a band if you and your guests want to dance the night away. On-site catering and event coordinators can also help you with the essential details for your engagement party in Milford. Contact the venue as early as possible to secure your date, especially if it will be during the holidays or in the midst of spring wedding season.

Create a Guest List
Even if you won’t have all the RSVPs back in time to tell the Milford party venue how many will be attending the engagement party, it is still a good idea to at least bring information with you as to how many will be invited. Most reception locations in Milford, MA and the surrounding area charge “per head” due to costs for seating, staff, food, and drinks. Even if you just have a “guesstimate” amount when you take your tour of the facility, that will help you figure out how much space you need and what price point you will be at for the engagement party in Milford.

Work with the couple to select the guest list – never assume. There may be people that they do not want at their celebration due to personal issues or conflicts with other guests. Some people will also want to have a separate party with friends apart from a celebration with family, so check before you start talking about the party idea with anyone. Similar to making wedding reception plans, let the couple guide you in this area to make sure that they have an enjoyable time at the party too. You don’t want one minor mistake with the guest list to overshadow all of the other things you are planning.

Decorations & Toasts
Similar to making wedding reception plans, you need to consider decorations and plan on making a well-wishing toast to the couple during the engagement party in Milford. Choose simple decorations – do not go over the top. Since the couple likely won’t have a “theme” in mind already for their big wedding day, you can do your own thing and choose a theme that reflects the couples’ interests. Some decorations can be chosen based upon the Milford party venue and what best suits the location. Simple flowers for centerpieces done in seasonal colors and maybe a nice table that features photos of the couple would be a nice touch. You do not have to go all out. Speak with the on-site event coordinator for more decorative

As the host of the event, you should plan on giving a toast or enlisting a close friend or family member to make a special toast. If you want to open up the floor to allow other guests to make toasts, try to coordinate ahead of time to know who will be speaking so you can make sure there is enough time. If you are using a microphone, you will need to know who to hand it to next to avoid slighting anyone or making it an awkward situation. Consider hiring a photographer or having a family friend take photos during the event to mark the occasion and provide the couple with a photo gallery or book in the weeks following the engagement party.

Visit The Crystal Room
If you are interested in taking a tour of The Crystal Room for your upcoming event, please give us a call at 508-478-7800. Whether you want to host an engagement party in Milford or if you are scouting out venues for wedding reception plans, make sure to include The Crystal Room on your list.