Who Should You Invite to a Wedding Reception in Milford, MA?

Milford Wedding VenueThere are many different types of weddings. Some are modern and contemporary, totally bucking tradition and paving their way with unique decorations, themes, and wedding reception activities. Others are purely traditional, embracing everything we all expect from a classic wedding reception. Everything that you choose to include in your special day, from your wedding dress and attire for the wedding party to the Boston area banquet hall, will set the tone for the experience you will share with your guests.

Establishing a budget should be one of your very first goals. Once you know how much you have to spend, it will make it easier to see what you can afford. Moving your celebration out of Boston and to a more suburban venue is a great way to reduce costs and make things easier for your guests. Instead of wasting time searching for street parking or paying for lot parking, The Crystal Room has on-site parking for all of your guests and even offers options for valet service to add a touch of elegance. After creating your budget, it’s time to sit down and make the guest list so you can begin finalizing some of the arrangements.

Why the Guest List is Important

When you start touring venues for your wedding reception in Massachusetts, make sure to ask about the cost of using the space. You will notice right away that the price is typically determined by the number of guests who will attend your modern or classic wedding reception. The reason is that the amount of space that is needed, the number of tables and chairs, the catering services and staff are all dependent upon the number of guests in attendance for your special day. Keeping your guest list under control is a great way to stay on top of costs, especially if you are working on a tight budget.

  • Family – Most couples start making the guest list for the Boston area banquet hall by writing down close family members. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Depending on the size of your family, you may want to limit your guest list to just your closest family members, leaving off cousins or making the celebration “adult only” to reduce your numbers by omitting all of the children.
  • Friends – Again, your closest friends will likely be in your wedding party, and should also be counted as part of your guest list. Best friends, long-time friends, close work friends, and sometimes neighbors should be included in with this group. Be careful about inviting coworkers, because if you ask one, others might feel slighted, which could cause an issue for you at work.
  • Plus-One Invitations – While it is a given that if you invite your cousin or best friend, you should also be inviting their spouse, fiance, or long-time partner. However, when it comes to single guests, you might also want to allow them to invite a date so they will have someone to dance with besides other cousins. Make sure your budget allows for this before you speak with anyone about invites so that you’ll know where you stand.
  • Children – Once again, the idea of an “adult only” wedding reception is frequently tossed around, especially if the number of guests is a concern. Speak to the venue, as there are sometimes discounts for children under a certain age. If your family has a lot of young children, this might be the best option, as there will be no one left to babysit so the adults can attend.
  • Friends of Parents – Another tradition is for the friends of the parents of the bride and groom to be invited to the wedding. Sometimes business partners, neighbors, parents of the couples’ best friends that they grew up with, and special clients might be suggested as guests. If there is room and if the budget allows, this can be a good way to show your parents appreciation for throwing a big wedding, but if not, you might have to make a close friends and family ONLY rule for everyone.

Take a Tour of The Crystal Room

When you start making plans for your contemporary or classic wedding reception, make sure to take a tour of The Crystal Room. We are a popular Greater Boston area banquet hall, with a solid reputation for hosting beautiful weddings, receptions, parties, and other special occasion celebrations in the Southeastern Massachusetts area. If you are planning a wedding ceremony or wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, make sure to contact our team to schedule a tour. You can reach us at 508-478-7800.