Who Should You Invite? Wedding Reception Ideas in Woonsocket

Creating a Guestlist for Woonsocket WeddingsStart digging, and you’ll discover that there are a lot of etiquette rules regarding guests for the average wedding. However, whether you host an expansively large traditional wedding or want to create a small budget wedding reception, the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to take charge and do what you want on your special day. As you start browsing the internet for wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket, you need to keep in mind that most venues charge “per head” based on the number of people who will be there. Before you tour and secure that Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, you should at least have a ballpark figure for your guest list. This will help you know what you can afford – and what you cannot.

Create a “Starter” List

Sit down with your spouse-to-be and start making a general list. It’s a good idea to begin with the closest, most immediate family members and dearest friends, before branching out to other guests. Parents, siblings, grandparents, and best friends should all be listed first. There are a lot of etiquette rules about who you need to invite, and most of them have to do with making sure that no one feels left out or offended. For example, if you want to invite your favorite aunt and uncle, as well as your cousins, make sure that you invite ALL of your aunts, uncles, and cousins as well. If you have a small family, this shouldn’t be a problem, but coming from a family of twelve kids or something could pose a logistical and financial concern.

Try to be as fair as you can with numbers. Each person should be able to invite an equal amount of guests. Decide where you will cut off those family invitations and stick to your guns. Start simple with 50 guests for you and 50 guests for your fiancee. If that covers everything, you’re golden. However, if there are still some very special individuals who did not make the list, think about “extra guest” numbers that you can distribute. Lists can be cut down by having a “no plus-one” rule or by not inviting children under 12 to attend. Exceptions can include the flower girl and ring bearer, but be careful if this will exclude their siblings or close cousins from the same family tree.

Non-Family Guests

Your best friends are like family, but at what point in the friend circle do you cut people off? A lot of people feel pressured to invite bosses, co-workers, schoolmates, and acquaintances simply because of past history. For example, just because you went to your coworkers’ wedding does not mean you need to invite them to yours. Also, just because you were a bridesmaid at your cousin’s wedding five years ago, does not mean that you have to invite her and her spouse to your wedding. Your soon-to-be father-in-law’s business partner might have to be invited, but you need to make decisions early on about how far out your guest list will stretch before discussing it with family members.

Do not forget to include members of your wedding party along with any spouses or guests that will attend with them. You also need to add yourselves, along with any paid service providers who will be at the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall. This means that wedding planners, DJs, live bands, photographers, and photo booth attendants need to be included in your guest list. As you fill out your plans and wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket, make sure to keep a list of service providers that might be considered guests. Provide yourself with a bit of a cushion for extra spots just in case you need them. This can help keep even a budget wedding reception under control.

The “Plus-One” Definition

You can also reduce guests by enforcing a clear plus-one invitation for single guests. This includes members of your wedding party, as well as close members of your family. Serious relationships should warrant an invite, such as couples who are engaged, living together, and long-term dating. First dates, less than six months of dating, and on-again/off-again relationships should not be considered. In fact, some tips for Massachusetts brides suggest that they enforce a strict policy of “no ring, no bring” to eliminate non-serious relationship guests. But remember, if you apply ANY bit of etiquette or guestlist rules to one person, it must be applied equally to all guests – NO EXCEPTIONS.

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