Why You Shouldn’t Hire Your Friends to Take Wedding Photos

Taking photo of bride and groomThere are certain traits that you want in your wedding photographer, but your best friend or your cousin who likes to take photos of treasures on the beach or a random object they find inspiration in may not be your best bet.

Here is a short story to enlighten you:

Rose met Mike at the wedding of a friend. He had taken some pictures for the mutual friend and, when he was done editing them, posted photos on Facebook for all to see. Tracy really liked what she saw, so she decided to hire him to take the photos at her wedding. He charged her $300 for the photos.

What a great deal!

But what she realized was that she may not have gotten one of the best wedding photographers to do the job for her. While the pictures she saw on Facebook were great, they were his best photos out of hundreds he had taken. In other words, he had posted maybe 10 percent of the photos he had taken with the other 90 percent probably not being great.

It took him several months to edit the photos and when she got them back, they had orbs in them, the lighting was bad, and the filters used in editing were odd compared to the content of the photos. The photographs were taken on a very sunny day, which was perfect for the outdoor wedding. Rose, being a professional photographer herself, was very upset that she made a judgment based off of facebook photos rather than contacting some of Mike’s clients directly. She didn’t even check with the mutual friend to find out how her photos turned out. When she did check, after the fact, she found out that the photos were not that great.

So she certainly did not do business with one of the best wedding photographers in Massachusetts.

What this forced Rose to do was find a quality wedding photographer in MA and completely have her wedding pictures retaken on a random sunny day so they would look as if they were taken on the same day. This is after it took her months to get a refund from Mike for the poor quality photographs.

So the moral of the above story is to choose carefully. Do some digging and see what you can find. Look for the following in a quality wedding photographer:

  • Education and training – While a person doesn’t have to have a master’s degree in photography, the proper training and education can help a person develop the skills they need to become the photographer that everyone wants. In the case of Rose and Mike, Mike had not spent a minute in a classroom.
  • Experience – You want someone who has experience in wedding photography. There is a major learning curve for a person who has never taken wedding photos or merely worked as an apprentice. Wedding photography is much different than working in a studio under controlled lighting conditions. An experienced wedding photographer should also have a special connection with the bride and groom.
  • Credentials – Have they received any awards or been recognized by other professional photographers? Are they part of a professional network or associated with any wedding vendors?
  • Reviews – Check out the Internet for some reviews. Also ask them who their clients are and see about contacting some of them to learn about the quality of the work.
  • Equipment – Good equipment is expensive and requires the photographer has very specific knowledge of how it works. Experienced wedding photographers will also have backup equipment in case something goes wrong.
  • Work samples – Look at their portfolio to see their style. It is important to like the overall style rather than just one photo here and there.
  • Professionalism – A professional photographer will be respectful and reliable. They will be easy to work with and be more interested in your personal needs as a couple. He or she may want to know things about you so they can capture the perfect photographs of you and your future spouse.

Your photographer should also be welcoming and have a positive attitude that shines through. Once you review all of the above, you will know whether or not you found the right photographer.


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