Worcester Wedding Planner: Spring Weddings in Massachusetts

Worcester Wedding Planner Crystal RoomWhen most people think about weddings, they typically consider “summer” weddings in June. However, the truth is that June weddings are still considered to be spring weddings in Massachusetts. Summer doesn’t truly begin until June 21st, and warm weather comes along shortly after. So if you are planning a reception in New England for the first few weeks of June, then you are having a spring wedding.

Work with your local Worcester wedding planner to choose the location for the ceremony and then start shopping Milford wedding venues for the reception. The Crystal Room is a well-appointed facility with tons of great amenities, ample parking, and in-house opportunities. It is perfect for Massachusetts or Rhode Island couples who want to host a beautiful celebration of their special day.

Why Spring is So Popular

Compared to all of the other seasons, spring is by far the most popular for weddings in the northeastern states. Spring is typically the best season for beautiful flowers and comfortable temperatures. The cold of winter is usually behind us, and it can still be weeks before the heat of summer gets going. Outdoor weddings are extremely popular, in spite of the high chance of rain. Your Worcester wedding planner can provide you with ideas to keep your guests dry or suggest a “plan B” at indoor Milford wedding venues. If you are hosting your reception at The Crystal Room, you should ask about hosting the ceremony there as well in case of bad weather.

Common wedding colors for spring weddings in Massachusetts include light hues, pastels, and neutrals. You can add in brighter shades for a pop of color or select darker options to add contrast. Some examples would be light pink and chocolate brown or pale coral and mocha. Your wedding colors are just as important as choosing a theme when planning a reception in New England. Make sure that you know exactly what you want so you and your planner can stay on point in choosing decorations and essential elements for your special day. Everything from the cake to the bridesmaids’ dresses, the bouquet to the guest favors, should all reflect your wedding colors and themes.

Picking the Best Reception Site

The location where you say your vows is usually a place that means something to you as a couple. Whether your family church or a local park where you had your first date, it is important to select something that can handle all of your guests. However, when it comes to choosing Milford wedding venues for the reception, you can be a bit more flexible. A wedding ceremony held in Worcester or other local cities can be celebrated with a reception at a venue in a nearby town.

There are certain advantages to hosting the wedding ceremony and reception at different locations. The transition between each facility can give you time alone with your new spouse. If the ceremony venue is small, you can get a larger reception location that allows for more guests to come to the celebration. When planning a reception in New England, it pays to create your guest lists or at least have a ballpark idea of how many you will invite before you start venue shopping. Take a tour of The Crystal Room and make sure to ask lots of questions about hosting spring weddings in Massachusetts. Once you choose the best venue, secure the date right away.

Create a Budget

Another tip that your Worcester wedding planner will likely share with you is to create a wedding budget. Think about all of the things that you want to include for your special day and start working out a budget. Figure out how much money you have to spend, including any gifts, loans, or savings. Then you can determine how large of a wedding you can afford to host. Many couples start planning a year in advance, which gives them time to infuse their budget with extra cash to purchase more decorations, hire more vendors, and add other special touches along the way.

As you visit Milford wedding venues, make sure to ask about policies for deposit and payments. The Crystal Room offers an affordable payment plan to make the cost of hosting spring weddings in Massachusetts a little easier to take. Ask about our Custom Weddings package, which allows you to create the wedding of your dreams, without totally breaking the bank. It will free you up with more cash to pay for a band or DJ, flowers, the cake, and other essential ingredients. Our on-site event coordinator can help you to find local pre-vetted vendors to make the process of getting approvals for services much faster.

Schedule a Tour of The Crystal Room to see our Milford wedding venues in person. Give us a call at 508-578-7800. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about planning a reception in New England at our location. We can also provide you with information about availability for your desired date.