You Can Do It: Elegant Milford Wedding Reception in 30 Days

Plan a Wedding Reception in 30 DaysIf you have never been involved in the planning of a wedding ceremony and reception before, either as a maid of honor, bridesmaid, sister-of-the-bride or even from a previous relationship, all of the details and specifics that are required to plan a Milford wedding reception can seem quite overwhelming. What type of wedding do you want? Which Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall best suits your idea of the perfect venue? What are your reception menu ideas – do you want a plated meal or a buffet style service? It helps to spend some time considering your own wishes before you make any major purchases.

Step One: Create the Budget
The first thing you need to do to plan an elegant wedding reception in just 30-days is to figure out what your budget will be. The average wedding in the United States can cost around $10,000 – $12,000 depending on the number of guests, type of wedding, time of day, day of the week and the time of year. When you have just 30-days to plan your wedding, you might not have a lot of options, so it pays to know ahead of time just how much money is available to fund your special day.

Step Two: Make the Guest List
You will need to know how many guests will attend your Milford wedding reception, as that is how venues charge for everything from cake cutting services to catering options, formal toasts and the amount of space that will be needed at the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall. You don’t have to know the exact number, as it is likely that as much as 15-20 percent of your guests will not be able to attend. So a guesstimate is okay, as long as you let the venue know your ballpark figure. 50 guests compared to 200 guests or more is a big difference, so it helps to know a little bit about your plans.

Step Three: Secure the Venue
One you know how much you have to spend and have an idea of how many guests will be sharing in your celebration, contact your local venue to take a tour, choose a date and put down a deposit. Because your wedding will be within 30-days, you might need to put down a larger deposit or pay for the hall rental in full. If you will be having your elegant wedding reception catered in-house, you will need to discuss reception menu ideas and get everything taken care of with that regard as well.

Step Four: Get Organized
There are a great number of wedding planning books, binders, websites and apps that you can use, based upon your own preferences. Some brides like to have a written book that contains all of the details from their gown and shoes to a list of vendors for the cake, music, officiant and more. However, there are some excellent websites and apps now that provide a great way to store electronic correspondence and information from the venue and other local vendors. Figure out your own style, what works best for you, and choose accordingly.

Step Five: Pick a Theme
Your wedding theme can be anything you want it to be. You could choose a color scheme, such as plum and gray, pink and white, or yellow and green; you could choose a party theme, such as country, shabby chic, classic, traditional, modern, beach, luau or anything you want; you could also choose something that you both love, such as a movie or an era from the past. This is your wedding and your big day, so if you want a casual or elegant wedding reception, make sure to make the choices that will help you to achieve your goals.

Step Six: Sign Contracts
Make sure to sign contracts with all the vendors, ask questions, take notes and get contact information for everyone involved. The cake baker, the caterer, the DJ or live band manager, the photographer, the videographer, the photo booth provider, the officiant – there are lots of different people who will all be working together to help you plan your special day at the local Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall. Make sure all of your reception menu ideas, cake design and musical play lists are discussed early on to avoid any confusion.

Step Seven: The Details
The biggest effort that you will make is to dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s with regard to the details of planning a Milford wedding reception. Get the dress and the shoes; the wedding party clothes fitted and purchased or rented; the flowers for the ceremony and the elegant wedding reception; the decorations for the hall; your marriage license; transportation and anything else that you might need. Remember, you only have 30-days, so it is important to hustle and get everything lined up as soon as possible.

Call The Crystal Room for Your Milford Wedding Reception
If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a local Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, consider The Crystal Room for your Milford wedding reception. Located just a minute off the I-495, we are conveniently located and well-appointed to handle just about any type and size of wedding you could want to throw. Our on-site event planner can help you coordinate your vendors, decorations and other elements that you want incorporated. Should you choose to host both your ceremony and reception at our venue, we can help you with reception menu ideas, staging and more to ensure your elegant wedding reception is everything you could have ever hoped for on your special day. Call today at 508-478-7800 to get a FREE estimate or to schedule a tour of our facility.